En ful jul

En ful jul A Happy Dissmas

Lisbet and the Samba King #3

Christmas is just around the corner and the entire class at Pear School simply cannot wait. But neither Lisbet nor her best friend Hanin celebrate Christmas – they don’t even know how. Lisbet grows ever more excited about celebrating a Real Christmas this year. Problem is, her granny the Samba King hates traditions with a passion and wants to do everything her own way. Someone who on the contrary knows exactly how Christmas ought to be celebrated is their next-door neighbor. Unfortunately, he just so happens to be grumpiest old man in the world (who’s also potentially a catnapper!). How will Lisbet dare to approach him to get hold of his expert knowledge?

In A Happy Dissmas we return to Emma Karinsdotter’s beloved, vibrant and zany universe that encourages children to have the confidence to be themselves.


  • “For all of those who have grown tired of Christmas stories being too sugary sweet, this will fit like a glove. /…/ Emma Karinsdotter achieves a balance between the crazy and the serious.”


    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Emma Karinsdotter has made a grand slam with Lisbet and the Samba King. /…/ In A Happy Dissmass [Samba King] makes a colourful and entertaining effort in giving her views on how Christmas ought to be celebrated. /…/ Pedagogical content provides structure to the epic flow, but the surprising and imaginative episodes dominate. /…/ Agnes Jakobsson’s inventive illustrations contribute to make A Happy Dissmass an absolute gem with a scintillating glow.”

    Smålandsposten, Sweden

  • “This is a crazy story that made my 8-year old laugh out loud numerous times. At the same time, Karinsdotter manages to add a more profound dimension in the tale about exclusion, loneliness and simply not understanding the majority-society’s common holiday traditions. /…/ Teachers will find this a spot on choice to read-out-loud to the class around the holidays. A funny and wonderful reader’s experience that is warmly recommended.”

    Barnboksfamiljen, Sweden

  • “My children and I truly LOVE these books. They are utterly fantastic in every possible way. [Karinsdotter] has written a book filled with thoughts and various things we have reflected a lot around and Agnes’ illustrations are magical and brings the text to another level. I just want to read more!”


    Emilies Boktips, Sweden

Photo: Julia Lindemalm Emma Karinsdotter
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