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En ful jul A Happy Dissmas

Lisbet and the Samba King #3

Christmas is just around the corner and the entire class at Pear School simply cannot wait. But neither Lisbet nor her best friend Hanin celebrate Christmas – they don’t even know how. Lisbet grows ever more excited about celebrating a Real Christmas this year. Problem is, her granny the Samba King hates traditions with a passion and wants to do everything her own way. Someone who on the contrary knows exactly how Christmas ought to be celebrated is their next-door neighbor. Unfortunately, he just so happens to be grumpiest old man in the world (who’s also potentially a catnapper!). How will Lisbet dare to approach him to get hold of his expert knowledge?

In A Happy Dissmas we return to Emma Karinsdotter’s beloved, vibrant and zany universe that encourages children to have the confidence to be themselves.


  • A Happy Dissmass is a hot tip for all families with children. /…/ When Emma Karinsdotter made her debut with the first book about Lisbet and her granny The Samba King sparks flew (…) and now it’s as if Christmas fireworks are lightening up this third book about a unique grandmother and her grandchild.”

    Kommunalarbetaren, Sweden

  • “Christmas-book recommendation! /…/ Great for reading out loud to younger and older siblings alike.”

    Barnens Bibliotek, Sweden

  • “For all of those who have grown tired of Christmas stories being too sugary sweet, this will fit like a glove. /…/ Emma Karinsdotter achieves a balance between the crazy and the serious.”


    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Emma Karinsdotter has made a grand slam with Lisbet and the Samba King. /…/ In A Happy Dissmass [Samba King] makes a colourful and entertaining effort in giving her views on how Christmas ought to be celebrated. /…/ Pedagogical content provides structure to the epic flow, but the surprising and imaginative episodes dominate. /…/ Agnes Jakobsson’s inventive illustrations contribute to make A Happy Dissmass an absolute gem with a scintillating glow.”

    Smålandsposten, Sweden

  • “This is a crazy story that made my 8-year old laugh out loud numerous times. At the same time, Karinsdotter manages to add a more profound dimension in the tale about exclusion, loneliness and simply not understanding the majority-society’s common holiday traditions. /…/ Teachers will find this a spot on choice to read-out-loud to the class around the holidays. A funny and wonderful reader’s experience that is warmly recommended.”

    Barnboksfamiljen, Sweden

  • “My children and I truly LOVE these books. They are utterly fantastic in every possible way. [Karinsdotter] has written a book filled with thoughts and various things we have reflected a lot around and Agnes’ illustrations are magical and brings the text to another level. I just want to read more!”


    Emilies Boktips, Sweden

  • “We warm up for Christmas in the best possible way, by reading the latest book about Lisbet and her granny The Samba King. /…/ It’s the perfect book to read out loud for children of various ages!”

    Bokmorsa, Sweden

  • “An endlessly fun and exciting adventure for both old and young. Once again themes such as melancholy and reflection also feature as a red thread, emphasizing the importance of being allowed to be just as you are and that everyone has something they could teach us. An addictive series (in the best sense) that leaves the reader wanting more. /…/ This is a wonderful reading experience where text and imagery complement each other in the best possible way. A series with a healthily openminded and inclusive view of human beings that organically praises diversity and differences as something that’s good and enrichens and evolves us all.”

    Agneta Norrgård, Literary Critic, Sweden

Photo: Julia Lindemalm Emma Karinsdotter
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