Tusen stjärnors ö

Tusen stjärnors ö The Isle of a Thousand Stars

The Isle of a Thousand Stars has always rested beneath a velvet sky full of stars. But now that’s changing. Night after night, the Shadow comes, and one by one the stars go out.

Tigris and her dad have just moved to a new apartment, even though neither of them wants to. In their old apartment there’d still been small traces of Tigris’ mother. The new place feels empty in comparison.

One day, Tigris finds a strange box with her mother’s name on it. She crawls into the box and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she’s no longer in the apartment, but on The Isle of a Thousand Stars! There she meets Ariann with her songs, and Leo with his cloud sheep. But on the island there is also the Shadow – a being that extinguishes all the stars that give the island life. And the deadly Petrified Forest, where Tigris’ mother disappeared...

The Isle of a Thousand Stars is an adventure story about friendship, missing someone, and family secrets that finally come to light.


  • “It’s hard not to think of Mio, My Son when reading this magical and heartrending adventure-tale about eleven-year-old Tigris. Her longing for her mother who died when Tigris was little is depicted with warmth and care.”

    Vi Läser, Sweden

  • The Isle of a Thousand Stars is an adventure story that goes straight to your heart.”

    Skolfamiljen, Sweden

  • “[The Isle of a Thousand Stars] is an enthralling depiction of mourning, but also a thrilling story about saving those you love most. /…/ Tigris and her father feel very much like living persons – Tigris who refuses to give up and continues to fight, and the father who in his grief is unable to connect with his daughter. The novel is very lucid and well-written, and [Emma Karinsdotter] succeeds in creating suggestive environments with small means. /…/ An utterly excellent book.”

    BTJ, Sweden

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