Dengang dinosaurerne var små

Dengang dinosaurerne var små When the Dinosaurs Were Little

In When the Dinosaurs Were Little, Kaspar Colling Nielsen returns to the narrative which made him a star on the literary sky. The universe in his stories is as multi-layered and transmutable as ever, giving the reader insight into a spectrum of topics stretching from that of the origins of dinosaurs, to the impact of surveillance drones on individuals.

In this collection of short stories, Colling Nielsen guides us through the history of the world – everything that we thought that we knew, and everything that we do not. For example: that a girl’s genitals can talk, eat cheese doodles, and turn pretty aggressive. Or, that a plumber might have good use of his experiences from a past life as a native American when repairing a locomotive. Or, that the instinct for violence can be ignited even in the most peaceful family father on a summer day. In these tales, there exist no limits for how an identity can be molded: all transformations are possible, and both heaven and hell are within reach.


  • “One gets completely dizzy with excitement when reading Kaspar Colling Nielsen’s new book. /…/ One is thrilled that [Kaspar Colling Nielsen] has so many quirky and well-considered words in him still. /…/ [When the Dinosaurs Were Little] entertains, frightens and confuses, and it shows us the meaning of it all – or the lack thereof – by sublimely taking it to the extremes.”


    Berlingske, Denmark

  • “[Colling] Nielsen’s short stories are filled with imagination and joy of storytelling, and they take off with the openness that great stories deserve. /…/ The sense of solemnity that enfolds the stories makes them thought-provoking.”


    Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Denmark

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