Den röda adressboken

Den röda adressboken The Red Address Book

Life is a string of meetings, each one like a pearl on a necklace. We meet and love, we part ways and reunite, we share in joy and defeat, and we have our hearts broken.

96-year-old Doris has had the same address book since 1928. The little red book holds her very own pearl necklace, the people she has met and loved throughout her life. Now Doris lives alone in an apartment in central Stockholm. Most of the names in her book are crossed over, gone from this world, and her only visitors are from the home care. Doris’ greatest source of joy are the calls from her grandniece Jenny on the other side of the Atlantic. One day Doris begins to write down the story of how she met the people that shaped her life, so that Jenny, who will be the only one to remember Doris, will be able to share her most precious possession: her memories.

“Written with love, told with joy. Very easy to enjoy.”
-Fredrik Backman

The Red Address Book is a love letter to the human heart. Full of tenderness and empathy, Lundberg has created more than just a novel - she has created a window into the soul.”
-Alyson Richman, author of The Lost Wife and The Velvet Hours

“Sofia Lundberg has written a wonderful debut. The story of the life of Doris is told with a whole lot of love. It is full of warmth and compassion.”
-Jan-Philipp Sendker

“A warm and tender story about life, memories, and the power of love and friendship. A novel with heart and humor!”
-Katarina Bivald, author of The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend


  • “Let it be said right away: This novel will have you in tears – tears that will pour out even as you smile. Love in all its forms, the whims of fate and lifelong loyalty are mixed together to form a wonderful and utterly moving story. /…/ The story hits you right in the heart, and I savored every word of it.”

    Femina, Denmark

  • The Red Address Book is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. /…/ [It] is absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend everyone to read it, and also to hurry to ask their grandparents about their life stories, before they’re no longer with us – it’s a magical experience.”, Denmark

  • “A touching and optimistic story of a determined lady. You might need to reach for tissues when reading.”

    Me Naiset, Finland

  • “A deeply touching novel about what unique stories our lives are.”

    ET-Magazine, Finland

  • “Memories, love and friends in a marvelous novel /…/ The author Sofia Lundberg takes us on a fascinating journey through time and space. Delicately and sensitively she lets us accompany Doris on her journey.”

    Allas, Sweden

  • “Sofia Lundberg is the name of the author who has written a book reminiscent of a female version of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared /.../ Many are the moving and entertaining stories that together form Doris’ amazing life story. Read, enjoy, and get ready to shed a tear or two.”

    Blekinge Läns Tidning, Sweden

  • “Sofia Lundberg’s debut novel The Red Address Book is an extravagant and sentimental novel about time and aging.”

    Femina, Sweden

  • “It’s fascinating read that will get under your skin and evoke thoughts that stretch beyond the boundaries of the text. A brilliant book and a summary of what it means to be human and the circumstances that form and torment us. /.../ With a warmhearted and stylistically confident hand [Sofia Lundberg] brings to light relationships’ value, and paints an accurate picture of aging’s conditions. I sincerely hope that Sofia Lundberg will find a following and that we will get to see more of her literary authorship.”

    Kulturbloggen, Sweden

  • “It not only gets heart-wrenching, but incredibly thrilling. /.../ A real gem that I’m happy to recommend.”

    Bokomaten, Sweden

  • The Red Address Book is a fantastic life story about love, happiness and sorrow.”

    Boktokig, Sweden

  • “A book that will make you long for home, is what I wrote when I Instagrammed [The Red Address Book] one day. A literary comfort blanket, smartly executed. /.../ It’s a lovely book, I would say it’s perfect to enjoy together with a cup of tea, a warm blanket, yummy cheese sandwiches and autumn weather.”

    Bokoholist, Sweden

  • “This is absolutely one of the most beautiful and heart-breaking stories I have read in a long time. The author’s prose is so soft and lovely and the story touches, evokes feelings and thoughts. It’s a story of memories, loneliness, longing, and love. The book is such a beautiful work, and I really recommend everyone to read it. You won’t be disappointed.”

    Lenas godsaker, Sweden

  • “Captivating, gripping and told in an amazing way where past and present meet. Love it!”

    Fab fifty, Sweden

  • The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg is a true gem.”

    Västmanländskans bokblogg, Sweden

  • “As I was absorbed by this book I thought to myself: WHY didn’t I read this earlier??”, Sweden

  • The Red Address Book was the evening’s topic during the book chat. Everyone was in agreement that it was great. /.../ It was also an easy read, and had momentum throughout. /.../ It’s a lovely book that touches on life’s many fates: to love, to long for, and to try to fit in.”

    Bokmumriken, Sweden

  • “This is a heart-breaking story. A look back at history of a sort, but also a thought-provoking story about how everyone has a story to tell. /.../ This is Sofia Lundberg’s debut novel; I truly hope that she will write more.”

    Monika Häägg, Sweden

  • “What a delightful journey you get to experience with this diamond of a novel, The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg. /.../ Read, read, read it.”

    Bokfink, Sweden

  • “I enjoy the way that the author switches between present and past. Using Doris’ address book as a starting point is a smart move. The prose is smooth and carefully chosen.”

    Bak bok mat, Sweden

  • The Red Address Book – a friend’s book that I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Now I only have a few pages left. I can truly recommend this lovely story!”

    Rebecka Edgren Aldéns blogg, Sweden

  • “[The Red Address Book] is an interesting read that makes you think. A book that summarizes what it is like to be human and how environment can wound and shape you. /.../ Everyone in the book club were unanimous that this was a really excellent book.”

    Millas hälsoblogg, Sweden

  • “Fantastic, gripping and powerful!!!”

    Jennies boklista, Sweden

  • “An engrossing tale about taking on burdens young, sisterly love, travels, dizzying love, and more. What this book portrays in a beautiful manner is life itself, simply put. As life is with love, disappointment, hopes, and gratitude for what one has gotten to experience.”

    Bina’s Books, Sweden

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