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Thomas Seltzer No. 1 in Norway

Thomas Seltzer’s American Karmageddon comes in at No. 1 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for non-fiction for the second consecutive week.

Kristina Ohlsson No. 1 in Sweden

The just published paperback edition of Kristina Ohlsson’s Icebreaker enters the official Swedish bestseller list for paperbacks at No. 1 this week, while Dimmed Lights, the latest installment in her August Strindberg-series, climbs back up to No. 3 on the hardcover fiction list.

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‘The Man Who Died’ nominated for best drama in Finland

The Finnish series The Man Who Died, based on Antti Tuomainen’s humoristic suspence novel with the same name, is nominated for ‘Best drama of the year 2022’ in Finland.

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Jens Lien to direct film version of crime novel ‘The Nation’s Gambit’

Action thriller The Nation’s Gambit is about to mark Norwegian director Jens Lien’s comeback to feature films after 10 years of directing TV series, including the HBO hit series Beforeigners.

The film is an adaptation of Johan Høst’s bestselling debut novel Delta: En nasjon i sjakk. In this story, the Prime Minister of Norway is kidnapped by a terrorist making a single demand: that the politicians in power join in on a game of chess over the Prime Minister’s life. With each chess piece representing various state employees and leaders of society, the Prime Minister will survive if the politicians win – but every piece lost to the terrorist means the loss of a human life. The politicians and their appointed rescue team, the Delta Squad, are faced with an impossible dilemma with only 24 hours to save the prime minister.

“I have long been a fan of Jens Lien, and the fact that he is going to make a film of my book is a surreal out-of-body experience for me,” Høst says.

The Nation’s Gambit is produced by the Norwegian production company Stig og Stein Studio with producers Stig Hjerkinn Haug, Fredrik Støbakk and Tale Bryn Teigene. SF Studios will distribute the film in the Nordics, while Reinvent Studios handles international sales.

‘The Spider’ the most-listened-to audio book of 2022

BookBeat has now announced their most-listened-to titles of 2022 and Lars Kepler’s The Spider comes in at No. 1 – an astonishing feat since it was published just over four weeks ago.
Furthermore, during the very first days following its publication, The Spider accounted for a whooping 12% of Swedish BookBeat users’ listening time and has thus been an unchallenged No. 1 on the bestseller lists since.

“We are so happy and grateful that so many have listened to The Spider on BookBeat. We also want to take the opportunity to highlight Jonas Malmsjö, who with his unique, fiery energy has given voice to our story” says Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril, the authors behind the pseudonym Lars Kepler, in a press release.

BookBeat is one of the leading streaming services for audio books in Sweden.

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New author: Elaf Ali

Elaf Ali (b. 1987) was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to Sweden as a four-year-old. She spent her formative years in Kristianstad, but now lives and works in the Swedish capital as a journalist and columnist at the renowned newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. She’s also worked in television, for the Swedish national broadcaster SVT and Swedish Radio.

Her debut, the autobiographical novel Who Said Anything About Love? is a personal and poignant depiction of a life marked by honor oppression. A direct insight into the rules of conduct and prohibitions that permeated the upbringing of the author, and the memories of a daily oppression that the people who were closest to her exerted. It is also a story about the courage it takes to go one’s own way, and come to terms with one’s parents’ worldview and the history that’s shaped it.

‘The Winners’ selected among Audible’s best audiobooks of 2022

Fredrik Backman’s The Winners is selected as one of Audible’s Best Audiobooks of 2022.

The jury’s motivation is as follows: “Fredrik Backman is a genius at creating characters you fall in love with, settings you want to travel to, and stories that pull you in completely”.

Audible creates their “Best books of the year”-list by looking at new releases and seeking out the titles which received the highest ratings and most compelling reviews. They also let their in-house expert team listen and re-listen to thousands of audiobooks in order to create a much-curated selection of editor and listener favorites.

‘American Karmageddon’ No. 1 in Norway

Thomas Seltzer’s highly anticipated literary debut, American Karmageddon, just published by Oktober in Norway, enters the Norwegian bestseller list for non-fiction at No. 1.

Ulf Kvensler the winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award

Ulf Kvensler is the winner of the 2022 Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Debut’. His fast-paced and relentless debut novel The Couples Trip is lauded by the Academy’s jury, who gives the following motivation:

“A claustrophobic chamber play of infinite nature, ever winding towards the inevitable disaster.”


‘The Spider’ No. 1 in the Netherlands

Lars Kepler’s The Spider, the ninth installment in the Joona Linna series, was just published in the Netherlands and has entered the official Dutch bestseller list for hardcover crime & thrillers at No. 1.