Slash Boards Paramount+ drama ‘The Crow Girl’

Buccaneer, the UK-based international content production company behind Irvine Welsh’s Crime, Marcella, The Burning Girls and The Doll Factory, today announces it has partnered with guitar legend Slash for The Crow Girl, the forthcoming drama series based on the #1 international bestselling trilogy of novels by Erik Axl Sund.

Already an Executive Producer on the series, Slash will join composer Adam Price (Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1, Black Adam) in contributing to the soundtrack for The Crow Girl, which is currently in production in Bristol for Paramount+ UK and Ireland.

The Crow Girl (6 x 60”) is a multi-faceted contemporary psychological thriller featuring a cast including Eve Myles (Hijack, Broadchurch, A Very English Scandal), Katherine Kelly (Mr Bates vs the Post Office, Liar, Inside No.9) and Dougray Scott (Irvine Welsh’s Crime, Vigil).

Joining Slash as executive producers are Milly Thomas who adapted the series for the screen, along with Erik Axl Sund, Niclas Salomonsson, Federico Ambrosini, and Tony Wood and Richard Tulk-Hart for Buccaneer.

Charles Martin and Rebecca Rycroft are both directors of the series with Andy Mosse serving as producer.

Slash says, “I fell in love with Erik Axl Sund’s novel, The Crow Girl and was really excited to partner up with Buccaneer to produce it. There’s an amazing cast and crew hard at work now to bring the harrowingly dark and suspenseful story to life as a limited series. It looks amazing!”

“Working with Slash has been a privilege. He knew Erik Axl Sund’s powerhouse of a trilogy before we did and brings an amazing insight to it; working with an artist of such standing from a different medium has massively elevated the work” said Tony Wood, co CEO of Buccaneer.

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Photo: Netflix

Rave reviews for ‘Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’

Hans Rosenfeldt’s Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (Ronja Rövardotter) premiered on March 28 to great reviews.

Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is loaded with a new kind of darkness.

“The new TV series Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is lavish and medieval-dark, but also contemporary in terms of language and special effects. A well-played adventure with a storm of emotions. Love and friendship, hatred and vengeance against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of natural lyricism. The first part leaves you wanting more.”
– Dagens Nyheter

“Rosenfeldt has modernized the story in ways that are obvious and expected today. There is a social conscience, the issue of robbery is problematized, background stories and traumatizing events play a more prominent role, and it’s obvious that they’ve considered gender and diversity. […] The new Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is a blend of magnificent natural lyricism and a bit of appropriately dark and scary family fantasy that maintains high quality.“
– Aftonbladet

“The series creators have been faithful to Lindgren’s spirit and unique storytelling style, while also spicing up the story with ‘modern’ elements, but preserving the unique Scandinavian style, culture, and societal portrayal. There is never any doubt that the series is a genuinely Scandinavian product that could not be recreated in an ‘Americanized’ manner. […] Without hesitation, we award a special recommendation […] to a series that impresses, entertains, and will continue to fascinate young and old alike.”
– Ljud och Bild

‘The Mountain King’ shortlisted for the Norwegian crime award Glasskniven

Anders de la Motte’s The Mountain King, is one among four other crime titles that has been shortlisted for the newly founded Norwegian crime award Glasskniven. The award is given to the best translated crime novel published in Norway in the last three years.

The Mountain King is the first installment in the bestselling Leo Asker series, and the jury praises it in the following way: “Anders de la Motte writes wistfully beautifully. He has a language that flows easily, with an underlying nerve that spreads beyond the action. The story is dark but still fresh, with things happening in the shadows that could scare the living daylight out of most people. The book is composed with a lot of action and intrigue, but the interest is maintained throughout the novel. This was simply a unique reading feast and a thrilling mystery, with condensed action, written in a literary language that few other crime writers can boast.”

The winner will be announced the 15th of May.

‘Girl Friends’ published in the UK

Two best friends
A girls’ trip to Ibiza
One night that changes everything…

Charlotte Vinge is famous throughout Norway for her low-carb cookery shows and self-branded merchandise. She is the face of “having it all”. When she meets Bianka Langeland, the two hit it off straight away. Bianka is creative and artistic, she makes Charlotte feel a little looser and wilder. The women quickly become inseparable.

But when Charlotte suggests a girls’ weekend in Ibiza, their friendship takes a darker turn. What should have been a trip full of sun, sea and cocktails soon becomes a living nightmare.

Can what happened on holiday stay there? Or will the events from this weekend ricochet through Charlotte’s perfectly planned life back in Oslo? Girl Friends is a dark and addictive glam-noir thriller about toxic friendship, passion, and murder.

Photo: Peter Gederling

Kalled Mustonen joins Salomonsson Agency

Kalled Mustonen was born and raised in Stockholm. Growing up with a Finnish mother and Syrian father makes him native in both Swedish and Finnish. Between 2000 and 2002, he started his career in acting by deepen his skills at the renowned Scenstudion. Short after that, he made his debut in Daniel Espinosa’s debut film Babylonsjukan, starring as the male lead.

He is currently starring in Taelgia, streaming on SVT Play. And can soon be seen in the drama series I dina händer, soon to premier on Netflix.

Photo: Sara Mac Key

‘The Details’ shortlisted for the International Booker Prize

Ia Genberg has been shortlisted for the 2024 International Booker Prize for her critically acclaimed novel, The Details. In connection with the book being longlisted last month, the jury said the following: “Ia Genberg writes with a remarkably sharp eye about a series of messy relationships between friends, family and lovers. Using, as she says, “details, rather than information”, she gives us not simply the “residue of life presented in a combination of letters” but an evocation of contemporary Stockholm and a moving portrait of her narrator. She has at times a melancholic eye, but her wit and liveliness constantly break through.”

The prestigious prize is awarded annually for the finest single work of fiction from around the world which has been translated into English and published in the UK and/or Ireland. The winner will be announced on May 21st.

Photo: Mattias Bardå

Emma Frans awarded Natur & Kultur’s Popular Science Award

The scientist, author, and science writer Emma Frans has been given the publishing house Natur & Kultur’s Popular Science Award. She receives the prize for “her broad and lively communication of research and science.” Natur & Kultur’s Popular Science Award has been presented since 2017 to people who successfully reach the broad public with their research.

The motivation reads as follows:

“With her multifaceted and knowledgeable participation in the societal discussion, Emma Frans has contributed to deepening the understanding of research and the role of the researcher. Her work helps us all think critically and understand how we can use science to make fact-based decisions.”

The award ceremony will take place at Södra teatern in Stockholm the 14th of May.

‘The Couples Trip’ No. 3 in Germany

Ulf Kvensler’s bestselling debut, The Couples Trip, sails back to No. 3 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for trade paperback fiction. This marks the book’s 5th week on the list.

‘I Close My Eyes and Pray’ published in Sweden

Private Detective Julia Stark has been hired by famous actress Bianca Salo, who is convinced that her dead fiancé is stalking her. Just the night before, she’d awoken to find him standing over her bed, and previous to that, he’d broken into her dressing room at the theater and set fire to a dress.

It’s been three years since Bianca received the news of her fiancés sudden passing in a hotel room in Helsinki. She was in Stockholm at the time, playing the female lead in Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. She collapsed on stage and the whole play was cancelled just a week after the premiere. Now, the ensemble and director have gotten a second chance to perform the ill-fated tragedy. Julia accompanies Bianca to the rehearsals, to watch over her but also to survey the people around her as the stalker seems to move about freely inside the theater. Almost none of the actors have alibi for the incidents and a great tension can be sensed boiling just below the surface.

Julia asks her ex-husband Sid to investigate the peculiarities surrounding Bianca’s fiancé’s death. They must rush to find the key as everything indicates that the stalker has entered the final, active phase of his pursuit, which often ends in violence and death. To solve the mysterious case, Julia Stark must employ all her psychological acumen, power of observation, and logical thinking.

I Close My Eyes and Pray is the second installment in Alex Ahndoril’s The Key series.

‘When the Cranes Fly South’ sold to 30 territories

Rights to Lisa Ridzén’s No. 1 bestselling and lauded debut When the Cranes Fly South have now been sold to 30 territories, following heated auctions in numerous countries.

The novel revolves around our elderly protagonist Bo as he finds himself running out of time. Yet time is one of the few things he’s got left; his body is failing him and his quiet existence is only broken up by the daily visits from his home care team. His hands soon too weak to open the precious jar housing the scarf of his Alzheimer-stricken wife Frederika, which still bears her scent. Fortunately he still has his beloved elkhound Sixten for company, only now his son insists upon taking the dog away. The very same son that Bo is wanting to mend his relationship with before his time is up. The threat of losing Sixten stirs up a whirlwind of emotions that make him look back at his life, his fatherhood and the way he expresses his love.

When the Cranes Fly South is a profoundly moving debut about an aging man’s fight to keep the power over his own life.