Trailer release for John Woo’s ’Silent Night’ starring Joel Kinnaman

The first exclusive trailer for Silent Night, starring Joel Kinnaman, has been released. From legendary director John Woo, known for films like Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2Silent Night stars Joel Kinnaman as Godlock, a grieving father who is determined to kill everyone responsible for the death of Godlock’s son, who was killed in the crossfire of gang violence on Christmas Eve. While recovering from a wound that costs him his voice, he makes vengeance his life’s mission and embarks on a punishing training regimen in order to avenge his son’s death.

Kid Cudi, Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moreno also star in the film, which was shot in Mexico City and famously features no dialogue. Woo has previously said the movie uses “music instead of language” as part of its visual storytelling.

Robert Archer Lynn penned the script, while Erica Lee, Basil Iwanyk, Lori Tilkin, and Christian Mercuri produce. Lionsgate will release the film in cinemas on December 1st.

‘The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Weeping Ghost’ published in Sweden

A beautiful old cruise ship has laid anchor in Hazy Valley’s port. The Ghost Detectives Elsa and Carl are curious. Soon it becomes clear that there is trouble on board. Someone is knocking over chairs and tables and eating all the food. The police cannot find a single trace of the perpetrator. And what is the mysterious light that shines on deck every night?

The passengers are getting impatient and the ship has to leave Hazy Valley soon! The captain turns to The Ghost Detectives for help. Will Elsa and Carl be able to solve the case before the ship sets sail?

The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Weeping Ghost is the fifth installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s spine-tingling, humorous and clever series for the younger readers.

‘Scratch Marks’ published in Sweden

Police inspector Tilda Davidsson is in the late stages of pregnancy when she walks into the dark house on a farm on northern Öland. There she finds an elderly couple, where the man appears to have been dead for several weeks while the woman was killed earlier that day.

Tilda’s old relative Gerlof realizes that the isolated farm is located on the site of a secret World War II defense project. It dawns on him that the mysterious deaths that struck the island during the war are not forgotten and that a killer from the past is still on the loose.

Scratch Marks is the standalone sequel to Weathered Bones and the sixth installment in the internationally bestselling Öland Series.


New title: ‘Sissy’

July 29, 1971: Club Etoile opens its doors to what will be known as “Sweden’s biggest sissy-fest ever.” Taxi after taxi rolls by, dropping them off one by one: Kajsa, Betty, Rosa, Nana, Jeanette, Frances and the others – the ones derided even by other gays. For one night only, they own the world.

At the same time, across town in one of Stockholm’s sleepy suburbs, a little boy gets out of bed and looks through the window, towards the city. It’s as if he can hear the laughter. As if the city’s calling him.

Sissy is a bitchy, painful, funny, dark, and filmic tale about coming of age and of fems – then as now, among the most vulnerable of us all.

Lars Kepler ‘Crime Author of the Year’

Lars Kepler is the winner of the 2023 Crime Author of the Year award, bestowed by BookBeat and the Crimetime Festival. The award is based on statistics from the three latest audiobooks by Swedish crime authors during the last 12 months and the winner was announced this weekend during an award ceremony at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

“The fact that Lars Kepler wins Crime Author of the Year once again shows the power of the Joona Linna series, that the readers and listeners can’t get enough of, says Emelie Hollbox , Senior Content Performance Specialist at BookBeat.

Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril say:
“We are incredibly happy for this award and want to thank all the listeners who have followed Joona Linna’s journey into the darkness. You have been very brave! And we also want to thank [narrator] Jonas Malmsjö, who is Lars Kepler’s perfect Vergil, the guide through the inferno. ”

Jo Nesbø awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the University of West Attica

Jo Nesbø has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the department of Archival, Library and Information Studies, of the University of West Attica in Athens, Greece.

Nesbø is being honored for his rich body of work, his contribution to literature, and the promotion of reading. The award ceremony took place today at the Conference Center of the Alsos Egaleo Campus. Professor Georgios Giannakopoulos handed over the award with a motivation which reads:

“Over the past 25 years, Nesbø’s dark, compelling novels, as well as his screenplays for film and television, have established him as one of the leading representatives of the genre. The narrative of his novels sustains the interest of the reader undiminished by skillfully balancing between tradition and innovation. Respecting the conventions of the genre, Nesbø carefully selects the characters of his stories, while placing the basic elements of myth, in a way that activates the reader with an invitation to participate. /…/ In his fiction, Nesbø examines the endurance of traditional values in contemporary evolving societies, where technological changes also have an impact in the world of crime. The speed of the narration captures almost cinematically the stressful and irregular situations that the characters face. In this way, Nesbø delimits the time frame within which the characters need to act and react. Therefore, redemption is not guaranteed, while murder seems more natural in the dark urban environment which is usually the background of his books.
Indeed, Nesbø is not just another writer of detective fiction, but he is in dialogue primarily with the tradition of social novel and secondarily with the psychological novel. This way, he manages to be faithful (in time and quality) to his audience and has evolved into an ambassador of reading, constantly gaining new readers of every age.”

New title: ‘In Her Footsteps’

Jill and Isabelle are half-sisters with a tight-knit bond. Isabelle relies on her younger sister Jill for a semblance of structure in her rootless existence, stemming from the void that her mother’s sudden disappearance during her childhood has left her with. Isabelle has in turn always had Jill’s corner and encouraged her to break out of her shell to pursue her dreams.

Then Isabelle goes missing. All evidence seems to suggest she has left on her own accord, but Jill refuses to believe it. She knows that her sister’s obsession with local true crime cases saw her investigate a disappearance of a young woman, could Isabelle’s own disappearance be linked to information she stumbled upon there? Jill initiates her own investigation that leads her to cross paths with a family that both intrigues and frightens her. Soon, she finds herself deeply entangled in a situation that will be hard to escape from…

Anna E. Wahlgren’s In Her Footsteps is an atmospheric and unnerving psychological thriller about unbreakable family ties and obsessions.

‘Within the Circle’ published in Sweden

When a division manager in the steel industry is found dead in a field outside of Uppsala in his burning BMW, it is quickly dismissed as an accident. But when another “accident” occurs, it becomes clear for criminal inspector Eva Nyman that this is part of something greater, something which presumably has something to do with the ongoing climate debate.

Because she receives a letter, written on an old typewriter – a letter that does not only describe the two events but predicts an upcoming, and much worse, attack.

The clues lead to Nyman’s past, to a trauma she thought she had safely put behind her.

Now, before the next attack is executed, she must activate her special forces team NOVA to find out who’s behind it all.

Who is hiding within the circle.

Within the Circle is the first installment in Arne Dahl’s highly anticipated NOVA series.

‘Storm Mountain’ published in Sweden

In the midst of Midsummer celebrations in Stenträsk, a body surfaces out in the mire. It is assumed to be Wiking Stormberg’s missing wife. But the body in the mire is soon identified as a man, and he didn’t die by drowning. Someone plunged a stake through his heart, nailing his corpse to the bottom of the mire. For Wiking, the discovery means a dizzying journey back into his family history. Before long, he can no longer be sure of what is the truth and what is a lie – or even, who he himself is.

Storm Mountain is the final part in the trilogy about Stenträsk in Northern Sweden. The novel is an epic drama with police chief Wiking Stormberg and his family at the center, but also the land itself, the river, and Storm Mountain.

The first two installments about Stenträsk, The Polar Circle and The Mire, were instant successes and became that year’s most critically acclaimed and bestselling books.

Here, Liza Marklund uses the stories she grew up with as a child. She writes about longing and secrets, and history’s ruthless exploitation of people and nature.