‘A Day and a Half’ to start filming

Netflix has greenlit the Swedish action film A Day and a Half, which will be the directorial debut of Fares Fares. Fares Fares is also writing, alongside Peter Smirnakos.

Police officer Lukas (Fares Fares), is tracking down Artan (Alexej Manvelov) and Louise (Alma Pöysti), a divorced couple who have embarked on an emotionally charged road trip, resulting in Artan taking Louise hostage in order to reunite with his daughter. The journey takes them through rural Sweden during a hot summer, all while having the police on their heels.

Warner Bros. International TV Production is producing and the premiere is set for 2023.

Theorin and Ahnhem on the Norwegian bestseller lists

This week’s bestseller lists in Norway have Johan Theorin appear on the No. 3 spot on the official fiction list with Weathered Bones.

Stefan Ahnhem’s The Final Nail claims the No. 1 spot at the top of the official paperback list. 

Ulf Kvensler No. 3 in Sweden

Ulf Kvensler’s Sarek features on the official list for fiction in Sweden for the second concutive week, climbing to the No. 3 spot.

‘The Rabbit Factor’ shortlisted for the CWA Dagger for Crime Fiction in Translation

Antti Tuomainen’s dark comic novel The Rabbit Factor is shortlisted for the prestigious 2022 CWA Dagger for Crime Fiction in Translation, an award given to the best translated crime novel of the year published or broadcast in the UK.

The awards ceremony will be held in London on the 29th of June.

New Title: ‘The Reunion’

Then. The tradition amongst the tight-knit group of friends endure, five years after graduation they still catch up over dinner at the Greek tavern every Friday. A scorching hot July eve the atmosphere is festive, but beneath the surface conflicts are brewing and the night ends in the worst imaginable way when William – the heart and soul of the group – is found dead.

Now. Ten years have passed since Sophie last saw the others when she receives a dinner invitation from Ava. In spite of her reluctance to return to town, Sophie can’t resist the temptation to once and for all find out the truth about what happened to William. Turns out, Ava has an alternate agenda for the reunion and soon they find themselves locked into her grand, yet oddly stripped back apartment. Next to everyone’s seat Ava has placed boxes containing clues indicating that the friends haven’t been telling the truth about that fateful night all these years, sending them on a grim walk down memory lane.

Anna E. Wahlgren’s The Reunion is a psychologically charged and suspenseful locked-room mystery about ingrained roles and the darker shades of our closest relationships.

Jens Lien joins Salomonsson Agency

Norwegian director Jens Lien was educated at the London International Film School. In his early career he made documentaries, commercials and short films, including Shut the Door (2000) and Natural Glasses (2001) which were both nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or in Cannes. Lien’s stylish and edgy short films have won numerous awards all over the world. 
In 2003, Lien’s first feature film Jonny Vang had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. His acclaimed second feature The Bothersome Man premiered in 2006 to fantastic reviews, was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival and won both the ACID Award at the Cannes Film Festival and the Hampton Golden Starfish. Since its release it has further gone on to win more than 30 international awards.
The successful and award-winning feature Sons of Norway saw its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2011 and was the opening film for The Norwegian Film Festival the same year. Lien is also director of the TV series Viva Hate for SVT which won Prix Europa for ‘Best European TV Series’ in 2015. His latest project, the sci-fi satire Beforeigners (2019-2021), was HBO Nordic’s first Norwegian original. Beforeigners was an immediate hit and was met with rave reviews both in Scandinavia and internationally. 

Stefan Ahnhem No. 1 in Norway

Stefan Ahnhem’s The Final Nail claims the No. 1 spot for paperback fiction on the official Norwegian bestseller list.

Kvensler on the Swedish bestseller list

Ulf Kvensler’s Sarek features at No. 4 on the official list for fiction in Sweden this week.

New Title: ‘Paper Souls’

A young girl, without a name, has boarded a train in the north of Sweden and ended up in Stockholm. She’s arrested in connection with a brawl, and an investigation is conducted to determine her identity. Officers Jeanette Kihlberg, Jimmy Schwarz, and Nils Åhlund are assigned to the case.

It turns out to be a more demanding matter than anticipated. The girl’s presence is soon loosely tied to two murders out in the suburbs. For every new clue that emerges, the intricate pattern of connections seems all the more complex. Alongside the police investigation, the launch of the author Per Qviding’s latest novel is underway. The narrative revolves around a girl called Stina, who grows up in the northern parts of Sweden in the late 1800’s and is forced to emigrate to the US due to bad harvests and starvation. Qviding’s novel becomes interlinked with the ongoing investigation, sending those involved on an intense race against time.

Paper Souls is the original, macabre, and literary suspense novel by No. 1 internationally bestselling Erik Axl Sund. It’s a story about identity and what happens when we pursue a different path beyond our set roles and means, and beyond time itself. Is that possible? Or are we hopelessly bound by our material circumstances?