Knyckertz & snutjakten

Knyckertz & snutjakten

Ture’s parents just never listen. Even though he’s asked them hundreds of times to stop stealing, it’ll take 20,000 volts to get their attention.


  • “Refreshingly and entertainingly anarchic.”

    DN, Sweden

  • “Captivating heist film for the whole family. /…/ When Anders Sparring’s novel Knyckertz & snutjakten becomes a film, it offers wonderfully cross-striped master thieves, squiggly ruthless supervillains and a strangely entertaining Stephen King tone. /…/ Knyckertz & snutjakten is as gloriously immoral as its 2021 adaptation for SVTs Christmas Calendar programme. In contrast to many other children’s films, the story is balancing between right and wrong in a credible manner. /…/ The scenography is also, as in the SVT Christmas Calendar, brilliant. /…/ Anders Sparring has found his own little niche and I hope to see more novels made into films in the future. /…/ Just like the Addams family did in their time, Knyckertz & snutjakten shows why there is also room for more border-crossing stories.”


    Moviezine, Sweden

  • “Playful and well-made for the whole family. /…/ Shines with its high ambitions and its visual craftsmanship, from costume and cinematographyto digital effects; without overdoing it, each frame has something that feels stylistic and appealing. /…/ You can also tell that they had a lot of fun with the making of Knyckertz & snutjakten and dared to make artistic decisions on several levels to put together something that contains both childish warmth and adult cynicism. Overall, the film succeeds with the great feat of making something that appeals to the little ones, while at the same time having that twisted and slightly scary tone that makes it appealing even for adults.”

    Filmtopp, Sweden

Photo: Mimmi Torsson Anders Sparring
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