Bajsfilmen – Dolores och Gunellens värld

Bajsfilmen – Dolores och Gunellens värld The World of Dolores and Gunellen

Dolores and Gunellen are best friends, but they have very different personalities.
One day Gunellan wants to leave to see the world. Dolores does not want to be left alone so she is trying her best to convince Gunellen to stay. On the way the friends will deal with some of life’s great mysteries, such as poop, hair, death, scarieness and love.
With a lot of heart, witty humor, over-the-top senselessness and the motto there is no right and wrong, we follow them when they explore their friendship.

Written by Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth. Directed by Linda Hambäck.


Guldbagge Award Nominee (Best Screenplay) Sweden 2017
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Photo: Mimmi Torsson Anders Sparring
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