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Frank Kjosås joins Salomonsson Agency

Norwegian actor Frank Kjosås (b. 1981) is one of today’s most interesting and versatile talents in Scandinavia.

Kjosås got his cinematic break in 2008 with House of Fools and Troubled Water, and his unique acting skills has since gotten him cast in significant roles in both films and TV shows, such as the immensely popular and awarded The Heavy Water: Stopping Hitler’s Atomic BombEXIT and Halvbroren, for which he won both a Golden Screen and a Golden FIPA for ‘Best Actor’.

Kjosås has been widely admired for his chameleon-like acting abilites by critics and viewers alike and praised for his fascinating way of being able to switch expressions from warmth and innocence to threatening coldness in the blink of an eye.

2024 will see Kjosås in multiple film and TV productions including the Netflix drama Billionaire Island, hailed for its potential to be the Norwegian answer to the hit drama Succession, as well as Havnaa, the highly anticipated Norwegian film inspired by the gripping real-life story of the notorius boxing brothers Erling and Magne Havnaa.

‘The Raven’ published in Sweden

On a spring night, a young mother is found shot to death in her luxury villa in Djursholm. Detective inspector Sakka Pienni and her team at Regional Investigation Unit in Stockholm are handed the case. An intense investigation, which exposes family secrets, lies, and unreliable alibis, is soon in full force.

As the case grows and demands more victims, Sakka is haunted by childhood memories from the dark lands in the north. At the same time, she does everything in her power to shield the secret which threatens to destroy both her personal life as well as her career. It does not take long before her greatest fear is not only losing sight of the killer but something even worse: losing herself.

With The Raven, award-winning author Lina Bengtsdotter is back with the first installment in a new series featuring Detective Inspector Sakka Pienni. Bengtsdotter seamlessly waves together contrasting environments in a series of books that touches mental illness, childhood trauma, the culture of silence, and class.

‘The Prey’ shortlisted for the CWA Dagger for Crime Fiction in Translation

The shortlist for the 2024 CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger, an award given to the best translated crime novel of the year published in the UK, has been announced. Among the six remaining nominees vying for the prestigious award is Yrsa Sigurdardóttir, with the thrilling novel The Prey

The winners will be announced on 4 July at the CWA Awards Night.

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Oliver Lovrenski to join the Norwegian Crown Princess’ Literature Train

Oliver Lovrenski has been selected to join Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Literature Train. The event will take place on a train traveling from Elverum to Røros in Norway and will include literary talks and events along the way. The Crown Princess’s literature train celebrates ten years this year, and the aim of the event is to spread great literature and the joy of reading.

The Crown Princess has selected some of her favorite authors on the journey, and Oliver Lovrenski is one of the authors to join. The Literature Train takes off on June 11.

‘Beyond Rescue’ No. 1 in Sweden

Beyond Rescue, Kristina Ohlsson’s newly published novel in the August Strindberg series, makes its debut at No. 1 on the hardcover bestseller list of the week.

‘The Couples Trip’ 10 weeks on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list

Ulf Kvensler’s thrilling suspense novel The Couples Trip celebrates ten consecutive weeks on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for trade paperbacks this week.

Annette Bjergfeldt shortlisted for the Martha Award

Annette Bjergfeldt and her acclaimed novel Mr Saito’s Traveling Cinema have been nominated for the 2024 Martha Award. The Martha Award is the largest book retailer award in Denmark and has been bestowed annually since 1989 by Bog & Idé to honor the Danish readers’ favorite author. The nominated works are selected by book retailers and readers and following a public vote in September, the ultimate winner will be announced in October.

‘When the Cranes Fly South’ shortlisted for Book of the Year Award

Lisa Ridzén’s acclaimed debut When the Cranes Fly South has been shortlisted for Bonnier’s Book Club’s high profile Book of the Year Award. The motivation reads as follows:

“What a gem! 89-year old Bo moves into our reader-hearts! (…) A moving, thought-provoking and tender tale that goes straight to the heart.”

Bonnier’s Book Clubs is the home of five Swedish book clubs, among them the biggest one in Sweden. The winning book and author will be announced during the Gothenburg Book Fair in September. To see the list of the nominees and vote for your favorite, click “Read more” below.

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‘Cassi’ published in Sweden

Cassi hadn’t always been drinking instant coffee from a PET bottle for breakfast, or numbed her evenings with a bag-in-box. She had gone from being successful, popular and happy, to being frustrated, depressed and wine-soaked in less than a year.

In an impulsive attempt to escape her life, she accidentally buys a secluded cottage in the countryside. But when she moves in, rumors have already spread that Cassi is an experienced self-help guru.

Instead of explaining the misunderstanding, she decides to embrace her new role and begins guiding the locals through their various problems. She creates a new existence with improvised forms of therapy, makeshift yoga and magical stones, and, to her surprise, a few really good friends.

But when has a life built on lies ever been a good idea?

Cassi is Johanna Swanberg’s literary debut; a book about hitting rock bottom and finding your way back, written with both humor and darkness.

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Tobias Santelmann joins Salomonsson Agency

As one of the leading actors in Scandinavia today, Tobias Santelmann (b. 1980) has advanced from supporting roles in film and TV in his native Norway, to featured characters in major English-language productions. Born in Freiburg, Germany, Santelmann moved to Norway with his family as a child. He trained as an actor with the renowned Oslo National Academy of Dramatic Arts and then went on to join the ensemble at The Norwegian Theater in Oslo, performing classical and modern drama until 2012, whilst simultaneously taking on roles in film and TV.

Santelmann made his theatrical film debut in 2010 with Varg Veum: The Writing on the Wall. Roles on television preceded his turn as Norwegian explorer Knut Haugland in Academy Award nominated Kon-Tiki in 2012. Santelmann’s notable performance led to further significant roles in big Norwegian films, including The Congo Murders for which he was awarded both an Amanda Award and a Kanon Award for ‘Best Male Actor in a Leading Role’, as well as his English language debut in Hercules, playing the villainous warlord Rhesus opposite Dwayne Johnson’s mythical hero. Other noteworthy international appearances include a starring role as Young Ragnar in The Last Kingdom and supporting roles in HomelandMarcella, and Those Who Kill, among else.

Santelmann’s more recent work include the role of Henrik Kranz, one of the leading characters in the Norwegian hit TV show EXIT, and the starring role as Crown Prince Olav alongside Kyle MacLachlan and Sofia Helin in International Emmy Award-winning Atlantic Crossing.
December 2024 will see the premiere of Havnaa, a Norwegian film inspired by the gripping real-life story of the notorius boxing brothers Erling and Magne Havnaa, where Santelmann plays the leading role of Erling Havnaa.