Arr Scars

Blix & Ramm #4

Alexander Blix is a broken man. Having been convicted for avenging his daughter’s death, he is held in one of Norway’s high security prisons. Inside, the other prisoners take every opportunity to challenge and humiliate the former police investigator. Sometimes it gets rough.

On the outside, Blix’s former colleagues have begun the hunt for a feared killer. Walter Kroos has escaped from prison in Germany and has crossed borders on his way northwards. The only connection the police have established between Kroos and Norway is a fellow inmate in Blix’s prison ward. Now they seek inside help from the policeman.

Journalist Emma Ramm is one of the few people featured on Blix’s visitor list. She becomes his ally when Blix has to connect the ties between the past and the present – and between the world inside and outside of the prison walls. The tracks lead to Osen, a woodlands community 150 kilometers north of Oslo, where several of the inhabitants carry deadly secrets and deep scars.


  • “Great entertainment from author duo Horst and Enger. /…/ The novel is efficiently written with a nice flow and is in the best sense of the word easy to read. /…/ Scars is indeed the perfect, suitably suspenseful and easily absorbed summer read. ”


    Verdens Gang, Norway

Photo: Jarli & Jordan Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger
  • Crime
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Denmark, Modtryk

Germany, Blanvalet

Norway, Bonnier Norsk

Poland, Smak Slowa

UK, Orenda Books (World English)

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