Neljä pientä aikuista

Neljä pientä aikuista Four Little Adults

Four Little Adults is a touching and humane portrait of grown-ups with growing pains.

Juulia is a successful Member of the Parliament with a seemingly perfect marriage with her priest husband Matias. But when Juulia finds out Matias has had a year-long affair with Enni, she collapses. To save her marriage, Juulia invites Enni to be a part of their lives, and they start a polyamorous relationship. When Juulia explores the new rules, she falls in love with young Miska, who seems to be the most mature of the quartet. There is a lot of love in the relationships among the four, but no matter how hard they try, challenges seem to remain.

Photo: Sami Kuokkanen Selma Vilhunen

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