Hobbyhorse Revolution

Hobbyhorse Revolution

Hobbyhorse Revolution is an entertaining and moving film about the power of imagination and the strength of a community. The film follows three young girls, Aisku, Elsa and Alisa whose lives have been transformed by their new interest: hobbyhorses. Despite a lack of understanding by some, the girls bravely and spiritedly pursue their hobby.

Directed by Selma Vilhunen. Written by Selma Vilhunen and Okku Nuutilainen.


Jussi Awards (Best Documentary Film) Finland 2018
Cinekid Amsterdam (Best Children’s Film Audience Award) Netherlands 2017
Tampere International Film Festival (Risto Jarva Main Prize) Finland 2017
Tampere International Film Festival (Grand Prix National Competition) Finland 2017
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Photo: Sami Kuokkanen Selma Vilhunen
  • Documentary

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