Hölmö nuori sydän

Hölmö nuori sydän Stupid Young Heart

Stupid Young Heart is a story about the first love of lightly built, carefree Lenni and gorgeous and popular Kiira. Not yet even properly in a relationship, they discover that they are expecting a baby, and decide to keep it – partly as a statement to their families who have lost touch with what goes on in the teenagers’ lives. Lenni has nine months to become a man. Having grown up without a father figure, Lenni receives longed for adult attention from an unlikely friend Janne, a member of a right wing activist group. After taking part in a scrambled attack on a local Mosque, while Kiira is rushed to the hospital to give birth, Lenni realises that he can be a man in his own way, even if he never had a chance to be a child himself.

Directed by Selma Vilhunen. Written by Kirsikka Saari.

Photo: #{publication.artist.imageByline}Selma Vilhunen
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  • Drama
  • Feature film


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