Tre minuter

Tre minuter Three Minutes

Hoffman & Grens #2

Three years later and Piet Hoffman is still on the run with his family: his beloved wife Sofia, from whom he can no longer hide the truth, and his sons, Hugo and Rasmus. Far away from his old haunts in Sweden, Piet has infiltrated the heart of a cocain cartel on a mission for the American police. There he’ll be reunited with Police Detective Ewert Grens.

This time, however, they’ll be fighting on the same side.


Longlisted for The CWA International Dagger UK 2018
Longlisted for The CWA International Dagger UK 2018
Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award (Best Swedish Crime Novel) Sweden 2016
Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award (Best Swedish Crime Novel) Sweden 2016
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  • “[Three Minutes] is just as thrilling as Three Seconds. And as is always the case with books by Roslund & Hellström, it is so much more than a page-turner of a crime fiction novel. /…/ Three Minutes is this summer’s must-read crime fiction novel – or more simply put, it’s an obligatory read.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “The story is undeniably crafted in a way that makes the suspense its driving force. /…/ The prose is straightforward, clean and without unnecessary curlicues. /…/ With that said it’s the nail-biting, knowledgeable and illuminating depiction of the finale that’s the most gripping of all in Three Minutes.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “As with all novels by Roslund & Hellström, I read Three Minutes in one sitting. It’s a gripping thriller that at times breathes James Bond. Sure, some events appear fanciful, but they’re cleverly constructed and thought-out. They could very well happen…”

    Skaraborgs Allehanda, Sweden

  • Three Minutes has been worth the wait. It’s well-written and [Roslund & Hellström] have put much effort into their research. /…/ Whoever gives the novel a go will be caught within three minutes.”

    Nya Kristinehamns-Posten, Sweden

  • Three Minutes proves that Roslund & Hellström are in a league of their own.”

    Ölandsbladet, Sweden

  • Three Minutes is the result of what must be solid and skilled research, where the harsh lifestyle of the criminal world is depicted starkly, brutally, frighteningly, and with great horror. /…/ Roslund & Hellström’s compassion for the people in the slum, the victims of the cartels’ cruelty, is great.”

    Kristianstadbladet, Sweden

  • “Outrageously skilled, both in terms of the research done on everything from drug smugglers in Colombia, to how you’d tattoo a dead body. /…/ after just a few chapters you’ll be caught, till the last page, and already longing for the next book. This author duo has a rarely seen momentum in their prose as well as plot, which elevates the novel even further.”

    Kommunalarbetaren, Sweden

  • “As is the standard with Roslund & Hellström, it is damnably thrilling as they depict the society and world of today. They have a language that makes the reading flow as if by itself, and you simply have to read the next chapter. And the next.”

    Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

  • “The nail-biter of the year so far. Roslund & Hellström mop the floor with the majority of their colleagues in what is usually called the Swedish crime fiction wonder.”

    Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden

  • “A tragic, extraordinarily thrilling and well-written novel.”

    Västerviks-Tidningen, Sweden

  • “Utterly brilliant action thriller with a fast pace and similar style to Three Seconds.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “This is a book that’s hard to put down before you reach the conclusion. And yet again Roslund & Hellström showcase their ability and skill in creating a suspenseful story of authenticity.”

    Östra Småland, Sweden

  • “Roslund & Hellström go together like bullets in a chamber. /…/ The authors tread an elevated path, both in terms of language and content, just like the majority of their Swedish crime fiction colleagues.”

    Dagbladet, Norway

  • “A graphic portrayal of a dirty, ugly slice of life /…/ Recommended for anyone seeking to know more about the drug cartels that threaten society.”

    New York Journal of Books, US

  • “If Three Minutes is your first exposure to this writing duo, you are
    in for a ride you will never forget. If you have been following them
    from the beginning of their collaborations, you have yet another
    terrific reading experience to look forward to.”

    The Book Reporter, US

  • The Book Reporter

  • “Tension? This one’s so taut you might snap.”

    The Sunday Sport, UK

  • “Cleverly crafted and intricately plotted, it's a heart-thumping action thriller that grips the reader from start to finish.”

    Choice Magazine, UK

  • “The descriptions of the drug culture and the amoral character of its various people are gripping, as are the insights into the thinking and actions of police officials and U.S. politicians… The sixth and newest in the DCI Ewert Grens series, it is written with power when necessary and delicacy when appropriate, this is a novel to be savored.”

    Spinetingler Magazine, US

  • “What ensues is a story that does not let up, from the shocking first chapter until the last page. /…/ Roslund and Hellstrom accomplish what many thrillers do not do – create an intriguing main character who despite his actions, is entirely human and his flaws bleed onto the page.”

    Cemetery Dance Magazine, US

  • “Swedish crime novels with their social criticism cruise at a higher gear; they’re harsher, more realistic and grimmer than what Danish crime writers can produce. This is also the case of the writer duo Roslund & Hellström’s Three Minutes, a stand-alone sequel to Three Seconds. /…/ It’s a nail-biting-inducing and suspenseful work that’s well tied together and carefully researched, with a wealth of details about weapons, vintage wines, satellite surveillance and what not. At the same time, the writer duo has a good understanding of the complicated political and corrupt situation in Colombia. /…/ The plot is also one that you can’t guess ahead of time and as the story develops, it grows increasingly bloody and merciless. /…/ It is well-written and credible, and the social criticism goes hand in hand with the depiction of the merciless brutality.”

    Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Denmark

  • Three Minutes is in both writing, style, plot and pace suspenseful on almost all pages. /…/ It delivers just the right cocktail of crime and true crime, which aficionados love.”

    Politiken, Denmark

  • “It’s an extremely successful thriller and a must-read./…/ The mix of facts and fiction works perfectly, and the plot is simply so tightly constructed that the almost 500 pages just fly by.”

    Litteratursiden, Denmark

  • “A mercilessly thrilling case for Hoffmann.”

    Hörzu, Germany

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