Peter Sarsgaard to star in Anders Weidemann’s ‘Interrogation’

It was recently announced that CBS All Access has ordered the true crime drama Interrogation, created by Anders Weidemann and John Mankiewicz. CBS has now revealed that Peter Sarsgaard will play the detective on the case. Sarsgaard most recently starred in Hulu’s 9/11 series The Looming Tower.

Interrogation is based on the true story of a young man who was charged with and convicted of the brutal murder of his mother. Each episode centers on an interrogation taken directly from the real police case files. The series has an original format and will be experimenting with its release pattern. The first nine episodes of the series will be available to watch in any order, and the conclusive season finale will be released at a later date.

Weidemann is the first Swedish screenwriter to write and produce an American TV series based on his own original idea, and this news has garnered great attention in Swedish media.

Jo Nesbø and Stina Jackson No. 1 in Sweden

Jo Nesbø and Stina Jackson each claim one No. 1 position on the official weekly bestseller lists in Sweden. Nesbø is No. 1 on the paperback list with Macbeth, and Jackson on the e-book list with The Silver Road. Jackson’s debut novel also claims two No. 2 spots on the paperback and audio lists. Lars Kepler continues to feature on the hardcover list with Lazarus, which is No. 4 this week.

This week’s Norwegian bestseller lists

Lars Kepler’s Lazarus, the seventh Joona Linna novel, appears at No. 5 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for hardcover fiction in week 2 (January 7-13th). The book is also No. 2 in e-book. This marks the novel’s twelfth week on the hardcover and e-book lists.

‘The Road to Vincent’ published in Sweden

When Vincent is born, he is unique. He is the first child in history to have been born from a transplanted uterus.

The Road to Vincent is the story of Malin, who in her teens was told that she’d been born without a uterus, and would never be able to have children of her own. It’s the story of Claes, who meets the girl of his dreams but has to make the toughest decision of his life when he hears of her condition. It’s about Malin and Claes together and their refusal to give up on one another and their wish for a family, even as it takes them on a long and life-threatening journey into the field of groundbreaking medical experiments. The stakes are high, but if they succeed, not only will they have a family – they’ll be the first in the world to become the parents of a baby born from a transplanted uterus.

The Road to Vincent is also the story of the heroes behind the scenes: Ewa, who selflessly donated her uterus despite the risk the procedure entailed, and Professor Mats Brännström and his team, who in the face of nay-sayers, ethical discussions and repeated failure continued to pursue the historical medical break-through that would give new hope to childless couples all over the world.

Together, these iron wills created a miracle: Vincent.

New Author - Henrietta Westman

Henrietta Westman (b. 1970) is a Swedish journalist with more than twenty years of experience in the profession. Throughout her career, Westman has written for several of Sweden’s biggest newspapers. The Road to Vincent is her first book and the true story of the miraculous medical break-through that resulted in the birth of Vincent, the first baby to be born from a transplanted uterus.

‘The Legacy’ one of spring 2019’s most anticipated titles in Sweden

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest national newspaper, has announced a list of the ten crime novels most worth looking forward to this spring. One of the must-reads on the list is The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir, the first installment in her Freyja & Huldar series.

Lars Kepler, Jonas Gardell, Niklas Natt och Dag, Stina Jackson and Leif GW Persson among the most sold in Sweden 2018

The official Swedish bestseller lists for 2018 have just been released, and the undeniable champion of the past year is Lars Kepler with Lazarus. The seventh Joona Linna novel comes in at No. 1 in three categories: hardcover, audio, and e-book. Not far behind at No. 4 is Jonas Gardell’s lauded In Memory of an Unconditional Love, a unique portrait of a woman and a mother who lived her own truth.

Niklas Natt och Dag’s long-running international bestseller The Wolf and the Watchman is the second most sold paperback of the year, coming in at No. 2 also on the e-book list. The No. 5 spot on the paperback list goes to the new bestselling phenomenon Stina Jackson and The Silver Road.

Last is the nonfiction category, in which Leif GW Persson’s Master Detective Willy: the Story of My Career comes in at No. 2. The beloved criminologist and author’s memoir also appears at No. 3 on the audio list.

Jo Nesbø and Stina Jackson top the first Swedish bestseller lists of 2019

The first weekly Swedish bestseller lists of 2019 are topped by Jo Nesbø and Stina Jackson, the former appearing at No. 1 in the paperback category with Macbeth, the latter with The Silver Road on the e-book list. The Silver Road also comes in at No. 2 in paperback, and No. 3 in audio.

The hardcover list sees Lars Kepler’s Lazarus come in at No. 2. The novel also claims the No. 2 and No. 5 positions on the e-book and audio lists respectively. Anders de la Motte’s Deeds of Fall returns to the hardcover list, rocketing up to No. 5. The paperback list’s No. 5 spot is occupied by Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman, which also claims the No. 2 position in the audio category.

The December bestseller lists in Sweden

The official Swedish bestseller lists for the month of December see Lars Kepler and Stina Jackson dominate the lists, claiming two No. 1 placements each. Lars Kepler’s Lazarus is No. 1 in hardcover and audio, also nabbing a No. 2 placement in the e-book category, while Stina Jackson’s The Silver Road is No. 1 in paperback and e-books.

Jonas Gardell’s In Memory of an Unconditional Love comes in at No. 3 in the hardcover category. It is closely followed by Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s A Higher Justice, which is No. 4 in hardcover as well as in e-book.

The paperback list also features Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman, which comes in at No. 3. The novel places at No. 5 in the e-book category. Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth likewise appears on the paperback list, featuring at No. 4.

The weekly Norwegian bestseller lists

The first Norwegian bestseller lists of 2019 see Lars Kepler’s Lazarus, the seventh Joona Linna book, at No. 2 on the ebook list and No. 3 on the hardcover one. Jørn Lier Horst’s The Innermost Room is No. 5 in paperback.

‘Koko-di Koko-da’ nominated for the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film

With the prize money amounting to one million SEK, the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film is one of the world’s biggest film prizes, and Johannes Nyholm’s Koko-di Koko-da is one of the ten films nominated for the award. Koko-di Koko-da, which will have its world premiere at the Sundance Festival, is about a couple who goes on a trip to reconnect, but end up encountering a sideshow artist and his shady entourage, who terrorize the couple and lure them into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick.

Koko-di Koko-da is also competing at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, in their most prestigious section ‘Tiger Competition’.

‘The Smuggler’s Shack’ published in Norway

The Smuggler’s Shack is a bonus volume in Norway’s most beloved crime fiction series for ages 9-12, CLUE. The story of Cecilia, Leo, Une and the dog Egon is concluded in this thirteenth and final book by bestselling Jørn Lier Horst.

The CLUE gang takes it upon themselves to investigate the mysterious Smuggler’s Shack out on Pinetree Island. Packing all the necessary supplies, the group heads off. But the visit to the island ends in failure and they’re unable to enter the shack itself. Its doors and windows have all been nailed shut and secured with heavy chains and padlocks. As they later review Leo’s film recording from the trip however, the group discovers something they didn’t notice while on the island. Something strange is definitely going on in the Smuggler’s Shack – and it’s up to them to return and find out what it is.

The Swedish bestseller lists for week 50-52

The official Swedish bestseller lists for the last three weeks of 2018 have been released, and though December month’s list is yet to come, some strong trends hint at what the last monthly list of the year will look like.

Beginning with the hardcover lists for week 50-52, we see Lars Kepler’s Lazarus come in at No. 1 for two weeks straight before it lands in second place in week 52. Lazarus also claims multiple No. 1 spots on the audio and e-book lists. Next on the hardcover list is Jonas Gardell’s In Memory of an Unconditional Love, which comes in at No. 3 for two weeks straight. It is closely followed by Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s A Higher Justice, which claims the No. 4 spot for two weeks before it jumps a placement to No. 3.

The undisputed queen of the paperback lists is Stina Jackson, whose The Silver Road comes in at No. 1 all three weeks. The Silver Road can also be seen coming in at No. 1 on the ebook list. Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth shoots to the top of the paperback list to join Jackson as well, coming in at No. 2 in week 51-52. Not far behind is Niklas Natt och Dag with The Wolf and the Watchman, No. 3 and then No. 4.

‘The European Spring’ shortlisted for the Prix du Livre Inter in France

Kaspar Colling Nielsen’s The European Spring has been shortlisted for the French Prix du Livre Inter Award in the category ‘Best Foreign Literature’. The prize was established in 1975 at the initiative of the french author Paul-Louis Mignon and is handed out by France Inter, France’s biggest radio channel. The winners will be announced on Thursday January 10th.

The Storytel Awards 2018

The nominees for 2018’s Storytel Awards (formerly known as the Grand Audiobook Prize) have been announced. The Swedish awards will as always be handed out in four categories: Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult, and Children’s.

Among those competing for the Fiction award are Niklas Natt och Dag with The Wolf and the Watchman, and Jonas Gardell with In Memory of an Unconditional Love.

The Suspense category’s shortlist features Lars Kepler for Lazarus, Stina Jackson with The Silver Road, and Anders Roslund with Three Hours.

Lastly, in the Children’s category, is Johan Theorin and The Battle for Salajak.

To vote for your favorite, click “Read more” below. The voting will close on January 20th.

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Lars Kepler and Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes on the Norwegian bestseller lists

The last week of December - and 2018 - saw Lars Kepler’s Lazarus once again claim the No. 1 positions on the official Norwegian bestseller lists for hardcover and ebooks. Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes’s Operation Junk Thief climbed the hardcover list to finally land at No. 4. The No. 4 spot on the ebook list was also claimed by a Jørn Lier Horst title: The Innermost Room.

Photo: Gabriel Liljevall

New Author - Lina Bengtsdotter

Lina Bengtsdotter (b. 1977) was raised in the small town of Gullspång, the setting of her lauded Charlie Lager series. She has a background in teaching within the fields of Swedish and Psychology and started off her literary career as a short story writer with works published in numerous newspapers in the Nordic countries.

Her full-length debut For the Missing landed her the 2017 Crimetime Specsavers Award for ‘Crime Debut of the Year’ in Sweden and established a cutting-edge authorship on the world stage, defined by well-crafted page-turner plotlines and captivating character portrayals.

‘To Plant a Flag’ a big festival hit

Earlier this year, Bobbie Peers’ To Plant a Flag won the UR Award for ‘Best Short’ at Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden’s premier short film festival. The applauded short then went on to play at the international film festivals of Winterthur, Toronto, Chicago, Warsaw, Hamptons, ZubrOFFka, Les Arcs and NexT.

To Plant a Flag will continue its world tour next year, screening at Australia’s leading international film festival Flickerfest and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, the world’s premiere cinema event dedicated to short films.

Lars Kepler and Jørn Lier Horst No. 1 and No. 3 in Norway

The official Norwegian bestseller lists for week 50 (December 10-16) are out, and once more Lars Kepler and Jørn Lier Horst claim the No. 1 and No. 3 spots on the e-book list. Lars Kepler with Lazarus, and Jørn Lier Horst with The Innermost Room.

Photo: Johan Bergmark

Carl Fredrik Holtermann joins Salomonsson Agency

Carl Fredrik Holtermann is a Swedish screenwriter, writer, illustrator and artist with a particular interest in complex relationships, dark comedy, dramedy and romcoms.

From the early ‘90s onwards, Holtermann has written extensively on behalf of numerous major cultural institutions and listed companies; prose, poetry, columns, copy and commercials. A recurring theme in Holtermann’s writings is nightlife history, but he has also co-written several books on design and culture.

He is currently developing his TV series Du och Jag (och dom andra) along with several other projects.