‘Anxious People’ No. 1 in the US

In the US, Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People is No. 1 on the Washington Post hardcover bestseller list for week 39.

‘For the Dead’ longlisted for the MIMI Award

Lina Bengtsdotter’s For the Dead is officially longlisted for the MIMI Award – the German booksellers’ crime fiction prize. A jury of booksellers has selected 30 titles to be featured on the long list, and from September until the middle of December fans can vote for a nominee. Ten titles then continue to the short list, and in the second round, from the middle of December till the end of January, readers are again able to vote for their one favorite title to win the award.

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‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ to premiere on AMC and Amazon Prime UK

The spin-off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond expands the universe of The Walking Dead, delving into new mythology in a storyline that follows the first generation raised in a surviving civilization of the post-apocalyptic world. Two sisters along with two friends leave a place of safety and comfort to brave dangers, known and unknown, living and undead on an important quest.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond was co-created by The Walking Dead universe producer Scott Gimple and The Walking Dead writer Matthew Negrete, who also serves as showrunner. Magnus Martens is the director of the first two episodes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere October 4 on AMC in the US and on Amazon Prime UK the following day.

‘Isola’ published in Denmark

A man wakes to the nightmarish sound of an industrial saw. Tied up and unable to move, he can only watch as the blade approaches…

Jeppe Kørner is on leave from the police force and has taken refuge on the island of Bornholm for the winter. Back in Copenhagen, Anette Werner is tasked with leading the investigation into a severed corpse discovered in a trunk buried in a downtown playground. Also on Bornholm, Esther de Laurenti is writing a biography on a female anthropologist with a mysterious past, Margrethe Dybris, all whilst coming to terms with her own crushing sense of loneliness. When Jeppe lends a helping hand at the island’s local sawmill, he unwittingly finds himself in the crosshairs of a sinister mystery rooted in the past, forcing him to once more team up with Anette and Esther to unravel the island’s secrets before the murderer strikes again.

Isola is the final installment in Katrine Engberg’s Copenhagen series, featuring the Police Sergeants Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner.

‘William Wenton and the Centrifugal Catastrophe’ published in Norway

In this much-awaited last installment about the world’s best code breaker, the final showdown awaits between William Wenton and Abraham Talley. Will William manage to save the world from luridium? And what about the luridium inside of himself? William has got to crack the code to Earth itself in this thrilling finale to one of our time’s most popular children series.


William Wenton and the Centrifugal Catastrophe is the sixth book in the William Wenton series.

‘22 July’ wins Best Drama at Seriekritikerprisen

The lauded drama series 22 July, created by Sara Johnsen and Pål Sletaune, has been awarded ‘Best Drama’ at the newly founded Norwegian Seriekritikerprisen.

Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliassen’s successful series Witch Hunt earned a nomination in the same category, and won ‘Best Actor’ for lead actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal’s performance as the main character.

Seriekritikerprisen is the first Norwegian Critics Award solely for TV series. The jury consists of 18 critics from Norwegian media houses, and the awards come in three categories: ‘Best Drama,’ ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Actor’.

Anders Heinreichsen Photo: Anders Heinreichsen

New Author: Lise Villadsen

Lise Villadsen (b. 1985) is the Danish breakout star behind a series of electrifying young adult novels centered around complex family dynamics and youth mental health issues. Villadsen began to pen novels already at the age of 14, making her lauded debut in 2018. Through her highly acclaimed works, Villadsen shrewdly captures the voice of the adolescent generation.

The weekly Norwegian bestseller lists

Jo Nesbø and The Kingdom are No. 1 also on week 38’s official bestseller lists from Norway. The stand-alone thriller is the most sold title in hardcover as well as e-books.

‘The Mandela Effect‘ published in Norway

Selma Falck is unprepared as her get-together with friends is suddenly transformed into a murder scene. A sniper fires a single shot, hitting her old friend Linda Bruseth in the head and injuring Selma. Linda’s relative anonymity as a little known parliament representative lead the press and the police to speculate that the real target of the assassination was Selma. She initially sees no reason to doubt them.

But closer investigation by the police soon undermines the theory, and it now stands clear that a member of parliament has been killed on the open street. When a Supreme Court judge is then found hanged, and a member of the government dies under mysterious circumstances, Selma senses a pattern in both the choice of victims and murder methods. In her search for answers, she stumbles across an apparent chaos of power abuse, conspiracies and personal tragedies. And not least, an ice cold vengeance that seems impossible to stop.

The Mandela Effect is the third installment in the Selma Falck series.

‘The Dog Park’ No. 1 in Estonia

Sofi Oksanen’s The Dog Park is currently No. 1 in Estonia.

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Arton grader minus Eighteen Below Zero

by Stefan Ahnhem

Eighteen Below Zero is a fantastic reading experience for thriller fans, signed the talented Swedish author and script writer Stefan Ahnhem. /…/ As a reader, you lose yourself, body and soul, in a story that you will only be able to reluctantly let go of when the last page has been devoured. /…/ The plot, terribly well-constructed, does not let go of the reader for a second. Each character is accomplished, chiseled. /…/ An excellent page-turner that we put down with reluctance, and which fortunately leaves enough doors open for us to hope for a continuation.

– Sud Presse