Hans Rosenfeldt is back with a new crime series

In September 2020, Hans Rosenfeldt will publish his first own suspense novel, When Crying Wolf. The title is the first installment in a new series about the Haparanda police Hannah Wester.

Hans Rosenfeldt is the creator of the acclaimed TV series The Bridge and Marcella, and has together with Michael Hjorth written six novels about Psychological Profiler Sebastian Bergman, to date translated into 34 languages and sold in more than 4 million copies around the world. This will be the first suspense series Rosenfeldt has written on his own, and it has already been sold to six territories.

“Hans Rosenfeldt has written an incredibly thrilling story – we already know that he’s a master of that craft – but I’m also utterly impressed by how expertly he has carved out the gallery of characters, especially the middle-aged police detective Hannah, how he has captured the environment and atmosphere of Haparanda, and last but not least, the high level of his prose. This publication will be one of the biggest events of the year,” says Eva Gedin, CEO at Norstedts.

When Crying Wolf is set in Haparanda, close to the border to Finland. When human remains are found in the stomach of a dead wolf, Hanna Wester knows that this summer will be unlike any other. The remains can soon be linked to a bloody drug deal across the border in Finland. Hannah and her colleagues leave no stone unturned. But time is scarce, and they aren’t the only ones looking.

“This is the first time in a very, very long time that I have written something all by myself. The Sebastian Bergman series is one I’ve co-written with Micke, and all the screenplay projects I do are always more or less collaborative. In that sense, When Crying Wolf was more of a challenge than I’d expected, but at the same time there is something incredibly inspiring in getting to do something that feels so new and exciting after so many years in the business - stepping out of my comfort zone, so to speak,” says Hans Rosenfeldt.

When Crying Wolf is the first part in the series about the Haparanda police Hannah Wester, and is set to be published in Sweden by Norstedts on September 21, 2020.

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg winners in the 2020 Prix des Lecteurs March selection

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg are officially winners in the March selection for the 2020 Prix des Lecteurs du Livre de Poche. Bengtsdotter’s debut suspense novel For the Missing was voted the winner of the ‘crime & thriller’ category, while Lundberg’s The Red Address Book won in the ‘literary’ category. They are now competing in the grand finale taking place in September.

New titles: The Dillsta Gang

The Dillsta Gang – fast-paced and fun books for younger readers by Jens Lapidus, the master of thrills.

Book 1: The Dillsta Gang and the Art Heist

Jonathan’s mother keeps nagging that he ought to get out of the house more, but what for? He doesn’t have any friends in the neighborhood and prefers to stay indoors, tinkering away with his inventions. That is, until Zasha moves into his building and then starts attending Jonathan’s class. That gets things moving and before you know it they have formed The Dillsta Gang: a gang of thieves, according to some, working for the greater good.

When food goes missing from the local corner shop, an innocent woman is accused and shady characters are spotted at the art museum they are visiting on a school trip, the crew can begin to put together pieces of the puzzle and with cunning and bravery pull off their first heist.

Book 2: The Dillsta Gang and the Jewel Heist

Jonathan has always enjoyed hanging out in his room and tinkering with his inventions. That is, until he gets to know Zasha and they form The Dillsta Gang - according to some, a gang of thieves working for the greater good. Soon they get a third member – Bollan, that can throw further and higher than anyone else!

When Zasha gets tricked out of money and the spoiled Rick brags overly much about all his cool gadgets, time has come for The Dillsta Gang to plan their next heist.

Niklas Natt och Dag celebrates his 10th week on the Spanish bestseller list

With his debut novel The Wolf and the Watchman, Niklas Natt och Dag has now remarkably featured in the official Spanish top 10 bestseller list for ten consecutive weeks. This week, he nabs the No. 8 spot.

The weekly Norwegian bestseller lists

Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger feature prominently on week 13’s bestseller lists, where their Smoke Screen comes in at No. 1 both on the paperback and the e-book bestseller lists. Katrine Engberg’s The Tenant also appears on the e-book list, this week at No. 7, closely followed by Thomas Enger’s City At The End: Widowton at No. 8.

On the hardcover list Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes are No. 4 with Operation Trickster, and Anders de la Motte’s recently published Rites of Spring is No. 6.

The March bestseller list for children’s fiction in Norway

Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes claim two top five spots on the monthly bestseller list for children’s fiction in Norway. Operation Trickster, the newest title in the Detective Agency No. 2 series, is No. 2, while Operation Radius comes in at No. 5.

Jo Nesbø and Jørn Lier Horst the most sold in Norway 2019

Jo Nesbø’s Knife is the No. 1 most sold book of 2019 - both on the mixed-genre international list and the list for exclusively Norwegian fiction. Jørn Lier Horst features on both lists with multiple titles: Ill Will, Operation Sable Forest, and The Cabin, to mention just some.

Horst also succeeds in the remarkable feat of claiming a staggering 10 out of 15 spots on the Norwegian children’s fiction list. He does so together with illustrator Hans Jørgen Sandnes and their Detective Agency No. 2 series. The top title for the series was in 2019 Operation Mummy. However on streaming service Faber’s yearly list it is Operation Shipwreck that comes in as the overall No. 1 on the international mixed-genres list.

Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer

Kaspar Colling Nielsen shortlisted for the 2020 Readers’ Book Award in Denmark

Kaspar Colling Nielsen’s latest work When the Dinosaurs Were Little has been shortlisted for the 2020 Readers’ Book Award in Denmark. The award was established in 2003 by the Danish Library Association and national daily newspaper Berlingske that together handpick the annual list of nominees. Previous winners of the award cannot be nominated again, and only books published during 2019 are eligible to be shortlisted.

Readers may cast their vote until April 12. The winner will be announced during an award ceremony on April 16. To vote, click the ‘Read more’ button below.

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The weekly Norwegian bestseller lists

The official lists for week 12 see Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger once again appear at No. 1 on the paperback list with Smoke Screen. Katrine Engberg claims another top spot, debuting at No. 1 on the e-book list with The Tenant. Thomas Enger’s YA novel City At The End: Widowton, also new on the list, comes in right behind at No. 2. Operation Trickster by Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes stays put at No. 4 on the hardcover list, where Anders de la Motte’s Rites of Spring debuts at No. 6. Rites of Spring will be published in its home country Sweden on March 30.

Arne Dahl No. 4 in Germany

Arne Dahl’s Friheten claims this week’s No. 4 spot on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for trade paperbacks. The Swedish edition of the novel will be published in late April.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Katrine Engberg’s The Tenant is yet again No. 1 on the official Swedish bestseller list for paperbacks, coming in at the top for the fourth week in a row. The hardcover list meanwhile sees Jonas Bonnier land a No. 3 placement with The Day of the Lord, and Niklas Natt och Dag appear at No. 4 with 1794. Natt och Dag’s debut title, The Wolf and the Watchman, comes in at No. 4 on the audio list. It is closely followed by Anne Holt’s A Grave For Two, which is No. 5 in audio as well as e-books. The No. 4 spot on the e-book list goes to Anders Roslund and Knock Knock.

Erik Axl Sund No. 5 in Germany

Porcelain Dolls, the latest title from Erik Axl Sund, rockets to No. 5 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for trade paperbacks in Germany.

‘Carpe Fucking Diem!’ to premiere April 2

In the Finnish comedy series Carpe Fucking Diem! we meet two women in their thirties, Karla (Lotta Kaihua) and Miina (Ella Lahdenmäki). They move in together and write a to do-list for a gap year: form a rock band, say what you think, do drugs, don't fall in love, grow spiritually, save the world and have sex.

Carpe Fucking Diem! is written by Kirsikka Saari and Jenni Toivoniemi, directed by Kirsikka Saari and Selma Vilhunen.

Carpe Fucking Diem! will premiere April 2 on C More Finland.

Stefan Ahnhem and Arne Dahl on the Danish bestseller lists

Stefan Ahnhem’s X Ways to Die, the fifth installment in the Fabian Risk series, comes in at No. 3 on retailer Arnold Busck’s bestseller list for crime fiction this week. Arne Dahl’s Friheten, the fourth installment in the Berger & Blom series, comes in at No. 2 on retailer Saxo’s audiobook list, and at No. 4 on their e-book list this week.

‘Rebecka Martinsson’ season 2 to premiere in April

In the upcoming season, Rebecka Martinsson has moved into her grandmother’s house in Kurravaara, where she now works as a prosecutor. The relocation to her childhood home forces Rebecka to face her past. What really happened to her as a child, when she decided to leave her father and move in with her grandmother? While Rebecka wrestles with her past, we get to follow her as she heedlessly throws herself into case after case.

Season 2 is written by Karin Arrhenius and Oskar Söderlund, freely based on Åsa Larssons’s novels, and directed by Fredrik Edfeldt and Andrea Östlund.

The crime drama series will premiere April 27 on C More and May 6 on TV4.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Katrine Engberg's The Tenant continues to reign the paperback list, claiming the No. 1 spot also this week. Niklas Natt och Dag's debut novel The Wolf and the Watchman nabs the No. 5 spot on the same list, while the hardcover list sees Natt och Dag's succeeding novel 1794 in the No. 4 position. The hardcover list also features Jonas Bonnier's The Day of the Lord, which comes in at No. 5.

Anders Roslund meanwhile is No. 2 on the e-book list with his crime fiction novel Knock Knock, accompanied by Anne Holt's A Grave For Two at No. 3 and Natt och Dag's The Wolf and the Watchman at No. 4.

Arne Dahl No. 3 in Germany

Germany became the very first country to publish Swedish author Arne Dahl's fourth installment in the Berger & Blom series last week. Friheten, as is the novel's Swedish title, claims this week's No. 3 spot on Der Spiegel's bestseller list for paperbacks.

The Swedish edition of the novel will be published in late April.