Anders de la Motte and Jonas Gardell No. 1 in Sweden

The weekly bestseller lists in Sweden have been announced, and Anders de la Motte and Jonas Gardell each claim one No. 1 spot. Anders de la Motte does so on the paperback list with his Deeds of Fall, and Jonas Gardell features at the top of the e-book list with In Memory of an Unconditional Love. Gardell also comes in at No. 2 on the hardcover list.

Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman climbs one placement to No. 4 on the paperback list. On the e-book list, Jørn Lier Horst and The Katharina Code stay put at No. 2, as does Arne Dahl’s Turmoil at No. 4.

‘A Grave For Two’ No. 3 in Norway

Anne Holt’s A Grave For Two continues to place among the top titles on the official e-book bestseller list. This week, the novel comes in at No. 3.

‘William Wenton and the Luridium Thief’ shortlisted for the Fantastic Book Awards 2018-19

Bobbie Peers’ William Wenton and the Luridium Thief, the first installment in the series about the code-breaking genius William Wenton, has been shortlisted for the Fantastic Book Awards 2018-19 in the UK.

The Fantastic Book Awards is an annual event designed to encourage children to read for pleasure. Children aged 9-11 are challenged throughout the year to select the story books they consider the best, through a range of creative activities such as book clubs. The five winning titles will be announced on May 23rd, 2019, after the thousands of participating children have had their say in a vote. Authors and illustrators will be invited to receive their prize at celebrations held at Lancashire primary schools.

Photo: Photo: Annika Marklund

Liza Marklund winner of the Crimetime Specsavers’ Honorary Award

Liza Marklund has been awarded the Crimetime Specsavers’ Honorary Award 2018. The award is to be presented to authors who have acted as pioneers in Swedish crime literature and put Sweden on the international crime fiction map.

“I’m very honored. The previous winners, Maj Sjöwall and Kerstin Ekman, are major role models of mine,” says Liza Marklund. The award ceremony will be held on September 29th during Crimetime Göteborg, Sweden’s biggest crime literature festival.

“Almost exactly 20 years ago, [Liza Marklund] debuted as a crime fiction writer with The Bomber, the groundbreaking novel that fundamentally changed the Swedish crime novel scene. Readers quickly embraced the female anti-heroine, reporter Annika Bengtzon. Her private life and the current social issues that were portrayed in the novels were just as important as the crime plot itself. The style of writing challenged the prevailing crime novel-norm and gained many followers. Liza Marklund is one of our most internationally critically acclaimed and successful authors and her significance for the Swedish crime fiction phenomena abroad cannot be underestimated. With 15 novels and one non-fiction to her name, sold in 23 million copies and translated into 40 languages, she has paved the way for a series of successful and talented female crime writers.”
-The Crimetime Specsavers jury

‘Motive X’ published in Sweden

As Fabian Risk watches over his gun-shot-wounded and comatose daughter Matilda at the Helsingborg hospital, a Syrian refugee boy is brutally murdered, throwing the city’s police into a complex new investigation with racist overtones. Motive X is Stefan Ahnhem’s fourth book in the series about Fabian Risk of the Helsingborg police.

‘The Pearl Farm’ published in Sweden

It’s the early nineties. Young Kiona and her siblings live on Manihiki, a small island in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and one of the most isolated places in the world. Kiona works at the family’s pearl farm, freediving, checking oysters and harvesting black pearls.

One morning, a large yacht hits the reef surrounding the island. On the wrecked ship the locals find a wounded man. His name is Erik and he’s from Sweden.

The shipwreck is the start of a breathtaking story spanning half a decade and four continents. It’s a tale that poses questions about humankind’s search for meaning and belonging, the price the world economy exacts, and how far we are prepared to go for our loved ones.

The Pearl Farm is a bold and immersive story of love and money, violence and isolation, education and faith.

Photo: SVT/Filip Hammarström

Aron Levander’s ‘Dream’ to premiere in 2019

SVT (Swedish public service television) has ordered two seasons of Dream, a new and exciting teen drama from Palladium Fiction. The TV series is created by Aron Levander and Filip Hammarström, and will be directed by Amir Chamdin.

Dream is about a group of teenagers whose dreams literary come true. Through their dreams, the teenagers are warned about horrible things that will happen in the future, and they have to hurry to prevent them from happening.

“It will be a series that crawls under your skin and turns your stomach, yet is heartwarming at the same time,” says Johanna Gårdare, Program Director for the Children’s Channel.

The first season of Dream will premiere in 2019 on SVT Children’s Channel.

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‘William Wenton and the Apocalypse Generator’ published in Norway

William and Iscia have been sent to Sahara to help the Depository for Impossible Archaeology at a dig. A massive, mysterious orb has landed right in the middle of the desert, and only William can solve the code that will open it. But what if he succeeds? Will he be unleashing a new Pandora’s box on the world?

Old family secrets and codes from outer space have William and Ischia on the hunt for a doomsday machine of apocalyptic proportions in William Wenton and the Apocalypse Generator, the fourth installment in Bobbie Peers’ internationally acclaimed William Wenton series.

‘The Time of Miracles’ published in Norway

Having a baby is a miracle. It doesn’t matter how many children you have; the experience is always something special. And as a parent, you never stop wanting to do right by your child. The Time of Miracles is a guidebook for the intimate, sweet and tumultuous first 24 months of a child’s life. How do you create a secure space, lull your child to sleep, let it play, act when the baby just won’t stop crying – and what is really the most important job of a parent during these first two years?

This second book in the Parental Magic series will take you through the first milestones of a child’s life and give you the tools and the knowledge that you need for each one. But first and foremost, The Time of Miracles will give you the security you and your child need to develop a healthy and strong relationship that will last a lifetime.

The Parental Magic series is the modern-day bible for 21st century parents and in this second installment, psychologist and family therapist Hedvig Montgomery gives you seven easy steps to succeed as a parent as well as the answers to common questions about sleep, breastfeeding, kindergarten, language and upbringing.

Hans Rosenfeldt winner of the Best Crime Writing on Television

We are delighted to announce that Hans Rosenfeldt is the winner of the Best Crime Writing on Television Award at the British Screenwriters’ Award 2018, for Marcella.

The grim murder mystery drama set in London has captivated fans, received rave reviews and sent social media into a frenzy. Marcella fans are now holding their breath waiting to see if there will be a season 3 of the hugely successful series.

Among the winners from the other categories we find David Nicholls and Edwards St. Aubyn for Patrick Melrose and Charlie Covell for End of the Fucking world.

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The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Jonas Gardell’s In Memory of an Unconditional Love remains one of the top titles on the official weekly bestseller list in Sweden, coming in at No. 2 this week. The top spot on the paperback list is meanwhile claimed by Anders de la Motte’s Deeds of Fall, No. 1 for the third week in a row. Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman is No. 5 on the same paperback list.

New on the list for children’s books is Kristina Ohlsson, whose just published The Mummy’s Riddle rockets to No. 2. The Mummy’s Riddle is the third book in the Monster Trilogy.

The nonfiction list remains unchanged also this week, with Leif GW Persson’s Master Detective Willy: the Story of My Career placing No. 4.

On the audio and e-book list Jørn Lier Horst makes a double appearance with his The Katharina Code, which comes in at No. 3 on the audio list and No. 2 on the e-book one. Arne Dahl’s Turmoil is No. 4 on the e-book list.

Anne Holt No. 1 in Norway

Anne Holt’s just published A Grave For Two debuts at No. 1 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for e-books. A Grave For Two is the first installment in Holt’s new Selma Falck series.

Fredrik Backman No. 2 in Canada

Fredrik Backman’s Us Against You has debuted at No. 2 on the Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail’s bestseller list, making it another instant bestseller in Canada.

Arne Dahl No. 5 in Germany

Arne Dahl’s Turmoil, the third installment in the Berger & Blom series, is No. 5 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list.

Sofia Lundberg No. 1 in Sweden

Sofia Lundberg’s new novel, A Question Mark Is Half a Heart, is No. 1 on Adlibris’ bestseller list covering all genres and formats. Adlibris is Sweden’s biggest online book retailer.

Arne Dahl on Danish bestseller list

Arne Dahl’s Turmoil claims the No. 3 spot on the crime fiction list at Arnold Busck, one of Denmark’s biggest book retailers.

Photo: Morgan Norman

Tarik Saleh joins Salomonsson Agency

Director, screenwriter and producer Tarik Saleh’s stylish films often explore controversial subjects and show no hesitation in portraying the polarities and conflicts in society. 2017 saw the premiere of his latest feature film, The Nile Hilton Incident, which became a great success and was highly praised internationally, winning numerous awards including the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and ‘Best Film’ at the Guldbagge Awards.

Most recently, Saleh directed an episode for HBO’s Westworld and an episode for Showtime’s Ray Donovan. Saleh is currently attached to helm The Red Circle, a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville’s classic 1970 cat-and-mouse thriller. Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises) has written the script.

Jo Nesbø and Arne Dahl on the Finnish bestseller list

The official Finnish bestseller lists for the month of August have been released and Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth is No. 1 on the list for translated fiction and Arne Dahl’s Watching You claims the No. 4 spot on the paperback list.

The August bestseller lists in Sweden

The official bestseller lists for the month of August are out in Sweden, and on the hardcover fiction list Jonas Gardell’s new novel In Memory of an Unconditional Love comes in at No. 3. Just after Gardell comes Arne Dahl and Turmoil at No. 4. Dahl also makes an appearance on the e-book list, where Turmoil is No. 2.

Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman (1793) is No. 4 on the same e-book list, and No. 4 on the paperback list. Anders de la Motte’s second stand-alone novel Deeds of Fall is No. 3 in the paperback category.

Lastly, Leif GW Persson’s Master Detective Willy: the Story of My Career comes in at No. 2 on the nonfiction list, and No. 2 on the audio list.

‘A Grave For Two’ published in Norway

Selma Falck, a former professional athlete and star lawyer, is in a deep crisis. In the blink of an eye she’s been left by her husband and child and lost her job and house – and it’s all her own fault. With nowhere else to go, Selma moves into a wreck of an apartment, her only companion a pedigree cat she can’t stand.

On the same day that Selma moves into her new place, Hege Chin Morell – Norway’s best female skier – fails a doping test. With just two months to go till the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, the test shows that Morell has taken clostebol, a drug that could mean several years of suspension. Selma Falck is approached by Morell’s wealthy father. He believes that his daughter is the victim of sabotage and offers the broke and unemployed Selma the seemingly impossible job of proving Morell’s innocence before the final athlete selections are made.

Shortly thereafter, a male cross-country skier is found dead after a training accident in Maridalen. The autopsy reveals traces of the same substance as in Morell’s blood. The panic that spreads in Norway’s cross-country team is total. In addition to losing its two best members, the whole team is at risk of being banned from the Olympics.

Selma Falck’s race against time begins. She encounters camaraderie and corruption, hidden enmity and shady connections. As she realizes that more lives are at stake, the pattern of recent crimes and ancient sins becomes undeniable.

A Grave For Two is the first installment in Anne Holt’s new crime series featuring Selma Falck.