‘The Kingdom’ a Sunday Times Thriller of the Year

Jo Nesbø’s The Kingdom has been handpicked by the Sunday Times as one of the best thrillers of the year in its prestigious Books of the Year article. The newspaper calls the novel “a sombre, brutally executed delight.”

Premiere for this year’s Christmas Calendar

As is tradition, SVT’s annual Christmas Calendar will premiere on December 1, this Tuesday. This year’s Christmas Calendar, Miracle, has already received great reviews in Swedish press. Svenska Dagbladet has called it “the most successful Christmas Calendar in nine years,” and Aftonbladet described it as “fun, exciting, educational and well-acted.”

Miracle is directed by Calle Åstrand and written by Peter Arrhenius, Fredrik Agetoft and Sara Young.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Lars Kepler grabs three tops spots on the official Swedish bestseller lists also this week. In this round, The Mirror Man is No. 1 in hardcover, No. 2 in e-books, and No. 3 in audio.

‘The Mirror Man’ No. 1 in the Netherlands

Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man (Joona Linna #8) was just published in the Netherlands and has entered the official bestseller list for hardcover crime fiction at No. 1.

The 2020 Petrona Award shortlist

The Petrona Award’s jury has just presented its shortlist for the 2020 Petrona Award for ‘Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year.’ The list of six nominees include Antti Tuomainen’s Little Siberia, Stina Jackson’s The Silver Road, Jørn Lier Horst’s The Cabin, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s The Absolution and Thomas Enger’s Inborn.

A quote from the judges about the titles shortlisted for this year’s award:

“The Petrona Award judges selected the shortlist from a rich field. The six novels stand out for their writing, characterisation, plotting, and overall quality. They are original and inventive, often pushing the boundaries of genre conventions, and tackle highly complex subjects such as legacies of the past, mental health issues and the effects of grief.”

The winning title, usually announced at the international crime fiction convention CrimeFest, will now be announced on Thursday 3 December, 2020.

New title: ‘Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves’

Jonas Gardell’s Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves tells the heart-wrenching story of the lovers Benjamin and Rasmus and their group of friends in Stockholm, focusing on the early and mid-80s when the AIDS crisis became fact. The trilogy, a romantic fiction in three parts (1: Love2: Disease3: Death), chronicles the gay movement in Sweden and the world, holding up a furious mirror to the times lest we forget those who went before us, and the battles they fought for freedom, love, and the right to live.

Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves: 1. Love

When Rasmus steps off the train in Stockholm in September 1982, he’s leaving stuffy little Koppom behind for good. Young and beautiful, he throws himself into the welcoming arms of the LGBTQ community.

Benjamin is a Jehova’s Witness, knocking on doors to spread God’s word. Nothing can shake his faith. Until the day he rings the doorbell of Paul, the kindest, funniest and bitchiest gay God ever made.

Then on Christmas Eve, as snow covers the city’s rooftops, Rasmus and Benjamin meet. Things are never the same again.

This is a true story: It happened here, in this city, on these streets, among these people. In a city where people continued to live their lives as if nothing had changed, young men began to sicken, to fade, and to die.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man grabs three No. 1 spots also this week on the official Swedish bestseller lists. The novel is No. 1 in hardcover, audio and e-books.

‘Anxious People’ one of Amazon’s Best Books of 2020

Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People has been named one of Amazon’s Best Books of 2020. Amazon.com’s editorial team each year chooses the best books of the year in popular categories, including Literature & Fiction in which Anxious People can be found.

In addition, the novel is included in the ‘Editors’ Holiday Gift Picks’ under the ‘Notable Novels’ feature.