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‘Back in the Day’ and ‘The Glass Man’ on VG’s ‘Best books of the year’ list

Oliver Lovrenski’s Back in the Day and Anders de la Motte’s second installment in The Leo Asker Series, The Glass Man, are two of the titles featured on Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang’s “Best books of the year 2023” list for literature & fiction. The annual list is put together by renowned critics by picking out their own personal favorite reads of the past year. The critics’ words are as follows:

Back in The Day, for Best Fiction of 2023:
“I can’t recall seeing a debutant receive the kind of attention that Oliver Lovrenski has garnered in a very, very long time. And it’s completely deserved.”

“What a scorcher of a debut novel! The 19-year-old Lovrenski has burst onto the scene, into bookstores, and into the hearts of readers with tremendous force.”

The Glass Man, for Best Crime of 2023:
“A creepy opening kicks off the second book /…/ and the eeriness persists throughout the entire book. De la Motte is adept at creating eerie and fascinating perpetrators. ‘The Glass Man’ is even better than last year’s ‘The Mountain King,’ and it’s extremely difficult to put down.”

Swedish cinema premiere for ‘Knyckertz & snutjakten’

Knyckertz & snutjakten is based on the books about the Knyckertz family written by Anders Sparring, and is a continuation of the beloved SVT Christmas Calendar An Honest Christmas With the Knyckertz (2021). Sparring is also writer of the screenplay, with Leif Lindblom directing.

David Sundin stars as the father Bove Knyckertz, and Nina Zanjani plays the mother Fia Knyckertz. Their two children Ture and Kriminellen are played by Axel Adelöw and Paloma Grandin.

Knyckertz & snutjakten has received great reviews and premieres today Friday December 1 in Swedish theatres.

‘The Details’ and ‘The Devil’s Grip’ on Litteratursiden’s ‘Best translated books of the year 2023’ list

Ia Genberg’s The Details and Lina Wolff’s The Devil’s Grip are two of the titles featured on the Danish Litteratursiden’s “Best translated books of the year 2023” list. The Details is also seen on the list for “10 most popular books of the year“.

Litteratursiden’s writers’ group consists of critics, researchers, editors, librarians, writers, journalists and cultural figures.

‘Amina’ to premiere in Swedish theatres

Amina, written by Mona Masri and directed by Ahmed Abdullahi, had its world premiere at the 2022 Marrakech Film Festival, and will see its Swedish premiere this Friday December 1.

This is the anticipated feature debut for both writer and director.

Amina, a young and talented mixed martial arts fighter, struggles to raise her seven year old daughter. When she gets a shot at the world MMA championships, she is forced to make the toughest choice of her life.

The Adlibris Awards 2023

The nominees for the 2023 Adlibris Awards have been announced. Adlibris is the leading book retailer in the Nordics and the award was founded in 2019 to celebrate the site’s biggest titles. The nominated works have been selected by a jury of Adlibris employees, but the winners will be voted forth by the public. The winning titles will be announced on January 25, 2024.

In the category “Fiction of the Year,” Niklas Natt och Dag competes with Hope and Destiny.

In “Children’s Book of the Year, Ages 0-6,” Sarah Sheppard and David Sundin have both received a nomination. Sheppard for her Animals of the City, and Sundin for his You Must Be QUIET Now!.

Lastly, in the category “Children’s Book of the Year, Ages 6-12,” Martin Widmark vies for the winning title with The Dinosaur Mystery.

‘The Beaver Theory’ labeled as one of The Sunday Times Thriller Books of the Year

Antti Tuomainen’s final installment in the acclaimed Rabbit Factor trilogy, The Beaver Theory, has been named one of the Thriller Books of the Year by The Sunday Times. The newspaper calls it “The joyous, triumphant conclusion to Tuomainen’s trilogy” and “The comic thriller of the year.”

‘A Nearly Normal Family’ most popular non-English TV series on Netflix

A Nearly Normal Family, which premiered November 24 to rave reviews, claimed the number one spot on the official list of non-English TV-series. Just few days after its release, the crime-drama can count more than 6.4 million views and is No.1 in 34 countries.

The series is based on Mattias Edvardsson’s best-selling novel of the same name. Anna Platt and Hans Jörnlind are the series’ writers, with Per Hanefjord directing.

‘Killing Moon’ and ‘The Prey’ on The Sunday Times list of best crime books of the year

Jo Nesbø’s Killing Moon and Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s The Prey have been chosen by The Sunday Times as two of the best crime novels of 2023. The newspaper calls Killing Moon “not just an unbearably tense thriller, but another of Jo Nesbo’s piercing studies in love and loneliness.” The Prey is described as “mesmerising and atmospheric, with entrancing descriptions of landscape.”