‘The Year I Started Masturbating’ released on Netflix

The Year I Started Masturbating is now available to watch on Netflix, worldwide.

The romantic comedy, which premiered in Swedish theaters in October 2022, was Erika Wasserman’s directorial debut and was met with fantastic reviews.

‘The Search for the Viking Treasure’ published in Norway

A thousand years ago there was a Viking village just outside Elvestad. The valuable treasure of the Viking king Hagbard was hidden somewhere nearby and has never been found. Now, the Detective Agency No. 2 have set out on a quest together with Roar Redbeard to find the treasure. Perhaps an old runestone can help them on their way?

Pay close attention and keep your eyes open throughout The Search for the Viking Treasure. The pictures hold traces, clues, codes, and hints for young detectives.

The Search for the Viking Treasure is the eleventh activity book in the Detective Agency No. 2 series.

Frida Kempff to direct ‘The Swedish Torpedo’

Frida Kempff will direct The Swedish Torpedo, a new period drama inspired by the life of Sally Bauer, the first Scandinavian to swim across the English Channel.

The story is set in 1939, a time when Europe is on the brink of war. Sally, a 30-year-old single mum, dreams of being the first Scandinavian woman to cross the English Channel. While both society and her family urge her to follow her duties as a mother, she breaks conventions to pursue her dreams. The cast is toplined by Josefin Neldén (Border, 438 Days), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (A Royal Affair, Borgen) and Lisa Carlehed (The Emigrants).

The project will commence filming in August in Sweden, Estonia, Belgium and in the UK.

Christopher Hunt Photo: Christopher Hunt

New author: Peter Hammarbäck

Peter Hammarbäck (b. 1983) is a journalist and writer. He has, amongst other things, worked as editor-in-chief for Vi Läser and RES, written articles and author profiles for Tidningen Vi, and freelanced in east Africa. He has a background in communication and PR, working with multiple Swedish publishing houses.

Some of his most prominent moments in life have been connected to animals – mostly trying to avoid them: from backpacking in African national parks to bull runs in Pamplona. He resides in Stockholm with his family. Zoo Boy, published by Bazar in 2023, is his literary debut.

‘Weekdays 8’ and ‘Weekdays 9’ published in Sweden

Weekdays 8 and Weekdays 9, the two new installments in Ulf Lundell’s celebrated collection of excerpts from his private diary, are published simultaneously in Sweden today.

Trailer release for ‘Älskade Samir’

SVT has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming drama comedy Älskade Samir, created by Marioan Hosseini and directed by Abbe Hassan.

The seven-part series revolves around Samir, a thirty-year-old man who never takes responsibility for anything. One day, he comes home and discovers a letter stating that his girlfriend Nasrin has left him. He must now do everything in his power to try to find her and win her back.

Älskade Samir will premiere May 26 on SVT Play.

‘An Entirely Different Story’ – 10 weeks on the Norwegian Bestseller List

This week, Stefan Ahnhem’s An Entirely Different Story celebrates 10 whole weeks on the official bestseller list in Norway.

Niklas Natt och Dag awarded The Mystery Writers of Japan Award

Niklas Natt och Dag’s praised historical thrillers 1794 and 1795 have been awarded this year’s The Mystery Writers of Japan Award in the translated fiction category. The prize was founded in 1947 and is considered one of the most prestigious awards within the genre.

Jo Nesbø awarded the 2023 Francisco Gonzalez Ledesma Award

Jo Nesbø has been bestowed with the prestigious Francisco Gonzalez Ledesma Award – an award that recognizes a lifetime of storytelling, instituted in honor of the Spanish journalist and writer Francisco González Ledesma, one of the foremost Spanish noir novelists of the 20th century. The chosen winner is selected by the VLC Negra organization in recognition of their outstanding performance within the genre, their literary quality, and the values ​​and exemplary human qualities that they display.

The award is handed over during a special event within the VLC Negra festival, which took place this Friday, and whose objective is to remember the figure of Francisco González Ledesma and encourage the reading of his work, as well as pay homage to the award-winning author. It has previously been received by James Ellroy, Andreu Martín, and Alicia Giménez Bartlett among others.

Ulf Kvensler No. 2 in Sweden

Ulf Kvensler’s chilling novel Sarek claims the No. 2 spot on the official bestseller list for paperback in Sweden this week.