‘Opponent’ is Sweden’s Academy Award submission

Milad Alami’s film Opponent is selected as Sweden’s submission for the Best International Feature Film Academy Award.

Opponent – which had its world premiere at the Berlinale earlier this year, and has been screened at more than 30 festivals – stars Payman Maadi, Ardalan Esmaili, Björn Elgerd and Arvin Kananian.

‘Hope and Destiny’ published in Sweden

The acclaimed author Niklas Natt och Dag is back with a new epic and gripping series.

Year 1434: The Kalmar Union is cracking at its seams. From Denmark, Erik of Pomerania rules with an uncertain hand. A rebellion erupts in the north, led by the miner Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson. To his side, the young Måns Bengtsson is sent to win Engelbrekt’s trust to promote his family, which bears the coat of arms in gold and blue. At Göksholm’s castle by the shores of Lake Hjälmaren, he leaves behind his mother, father, and sister. One is lost in longing, another forges plans for the throne and crown, and one is given the opportunity to rise from her brother’s shadow.

In Hope and Destiny, Natt och Dag unravels the most infamous murder of the Swedish medieval era in the only way possible today: through fiction.

Niklas Natt och Dag is the fifteenth-generation grandson of Måns Bengtsson.

Photo: Matthew Priestly

Kelly Gale joins Salomonsson Agency

Kelly Gale is a Swedish-Australian actress and model of Indian descent. She was raised in Gothenburg, Sweden but lived in Ghana and Australia during her younger years.

Gale most recently participated in the coming Netflix film, Uglies, directed by McG. Previously, she starred opposite Gerard Butler in The Plane (2023), directed by Jean-Francois Richet. She was also featured in Enrique Iglesias’ music video for the hit single “Duele el Corazon”.

Gale is a Victoria Secret Angel and has posed for a variety of publications including: GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy. She has also participated in numerous high level campaigns and walked runways for: Chanel, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gautier, Rag & Bone, Diane von Fürstenberg, and Vivienne Tam among many others. Gale has also been featured on the cover of French Revue des Mondes, and on editorials of Elle, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue India, and Lucky.

She brings a massive social media following as well, with over 1 million followers just on Instagram.

Netflix releases premiere date for ‘A Nearly Normal Family’

Netflix sets release date with first-look footage for the anticipated crime thriller series A Nearly Normal Family. The series is based on Mattias Edvardsson’s best-selling novel of the same name. Anna Platt and Hans Jörnlind are the series’ writers, with Per Hanefjord directing.

A Nearly Normal Family premieres globally on Netflix on Friday, November 24.

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Trailer released for ‘There’s Something in the Barn’

The first trailer for Magnus Marten’s Christmas comedy horror There’s Something in the Barn has now been released.

The film follows a Nordheim family who happily have moved into their old family farm up in the Norwegian Mountains. But their lives soon turn into banes and torments as they come across the trickiest of the Nordic folklore creatures, the Barn Elf.

There’s Something in the Barn is directed by Martens, written by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown, and will premiere in Norwegian theaters on November 10.

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‘The Glass Man’ published in Sweden

Detective Inspector Leonore Asker has just settled in as head of the Department of Lost Souls, a unit for odd cases, when her father contacts her after years of silence. A body with no eyes has been found on his farm; the police are chasing him, and he is desperate for Leo’s help. But is her father as innocent as he claims, or is he trying to reel Leo into his vicious grip once again?

Meanwhile, Martin Hill moves to a secluded estate to write a biography about the business leader Gunnar Irving, intrigued by the fact that the legendary property contains a private island with an abandoned astronomical observatory. Soon, Hill discovers that the area has more stories to offer – about mysterious lights and mutilated bodies. While Asker and Hill try to find answers, The Glass Man rises from the depths of darkness from which no one ever returns. Nobody but him.

The Glass Man is the second installment in the highly praised Asker Series.

‘Mr Saito’s Traveling Cinema’ published in Denmark

An infant is left in a shoebox on the doorstep of Buenos Aires’ Magdalene Monastery and is given the name Fabiola by the nuns. Early in life the rebellious Fabiola develops a propensity for finding the perfect pair of shoes for any given individual. Besides becoming the unlikely top seller of Buenos Aires’ most famous and affluent shoe store, she also – to the nuns’ dismay – becomes a teenage mother to the headstrong girl Lita.

Revolutionary times eventually force the mother and daughter-duo to flee Argentina with their sight set on Europe, but circumstances have them instead end up on a tiny, windswept island in North Foundland. Here Fabiola reluctantly takes up work selling unglamorous wellies and clogs in the island’s general store as they move into the sailor’s home of Bethlehem. Bethlehem, the beating heart of the island, houses a bountiful of eccentric and endearing characters; among them the hosts’ deaf daughter Oona McGregor that becomes Lita’s best friend. As Lita tries to navigate her way in the world it becomes the annual visits by Mr Saito’s traveling cinema – bringing moving pictures from around the world to the isolated isle – that will entirely change the trajectory of her destiny.

Mr Saito’s Traveling Cinema is an irresistible odyssey about heart rhythms, fisher boys with amber eyes and finding family in unexpected places. About runaway tango shoes, life’s outtakes and love in all its forms.

Trailer premiere for ‘The Burning Girls’

Paramount+ has released a first look of the trailer for The Burning Girls, Hans Rosenfeldt’s adaptation of C.J. Tudor’s bestselling novel with the same name.

The chilling series sees single mum and reverend Jack Brooks (Samantha Morton) moving into a new village with her daughter Flo (Bridgerton’s Ruby Stokes), only to discover there are some strange local superstitions — and sightings of little girls who may or may not be real.

The Burning Girls will premiere on Paramount+ on October 19th.

‘Crime season 2’ to premiere on ITVX

The Scottish police drama Crime, developed and written by Trainspotting‘s Irvine Welsh together with Dean Cavanagh, is based on Welsh’s own novel of the same name and will arrive on ITVX on September 21. The second season is directed by Trygve Allister Diesen and Anthony Neilson.

Dougray Scott’s performance in the first season recently landed him an International Emmy nomination for Best Actor, and in this second season, he’ll be leading a star-studded cast of British talent, including Joanna Vanderham and John Simm.