Wisting 1

Wisting 1

Empathetic, meticulous and relentless – the only thing to escape Larvik detective William Wisting in his hunt for Norway’s most notorious criminals is a happy family life. And when two mysterious deaths interrupt Wisting’s Christmas, it is the beginning of a showdown with the deadliest killer of them all.

Created and written by Trygve Allister Diesen and Kathrine Valen Zeiner. Directed by Trygve Allister Diesen.

Based on the renowned literary series by Jørn Lier Horst.


Edgar Allan Poe Award Nominee (Best TV Episode) US 2020
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  • “[Wisting] is a tasteful hybrid of Nordic noir mixed with the often more sedate narrative style of the best crime series, created by among else British BBC. Adding to this a feather-light touch of Fargo, and placing it all in the small community of Larvik and its surroundings, makes it near waterproof. /…/ Wisting has the potential to become a Norwegian series winner, like [the Swedish] Wallander or Beck.”


    Dagbladet, Norway

  • Wisting: A solid crime series with international potential. /…/ [Sven] Nordin is marvelous in the role of Wisting and plays him with an excellent mix of wisdom and weariness. /…/ Wisting has non-stop momentum from its first episode onwards.”

    Aftenposten, Norway

  • “This year’s best Easter crime series is Norwegian. /…/ This is a series that leans heavily on both Scandinavian and British crime tradition, and it has everything that the wider crime audience would expect and like.”

    NRK, Norway

  • Wisting has everything necessary to become this year’s big crime series. /…/ Wisting is a crime series that captivates and offers both nerve and suspense. /…/ Series creators Kathrine Valen Zeiner and Trygve Allister Diesen have crafted a classic crime series with great audience potential. /…/ Wisting is a strong crime series with solid actors and excellent directing. I’ll be spending this year’s Easter in the company of William Wisting and his colleagues.”


    Cinema, Norway

  • “[The series has] an intricate and riveting criminal mystery […], a brilliant Sven Nordin in the lead role, and satisfyingly frozen, atmospheric milieus wherein a variety of shady characters lure, and that radiates a Nordic, rural noir.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • Wisting […] is a sure winner. Jørn Lier Horst’s bestselling crime series about William Wisting has been made into a new, solid Nordic noir that will go right to the head of series addicts. /…/ There’s hardly a Norwegian who doesn’t have a relationship to Wisting […] and for that reason the pressure to make a series that’s both faithful to the original and presents a recognizable Norway must have been huge. [Wisting] succeeds on both accounts. And at the same time, it has a universal appeal that makes it easy for it to travel across borders. We’re not just talking about excellent craftsmanship here; there’s also an embedded humor and a hint of welfare-society innocence.”

    Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

  • “Interesting social undercurrents. /…/ A cut above.”

    The Times, UK

Trygve Allister Diesen
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