Koka björn To Cook a Bear

To Cook a Bear takes place in the summer of 1852 in the village of Kengis, far north in Sweden. In the epic grandeur of the Northern polar landscape, we meet the newly appointed Pastor and his family. While the Pastor has a spiritual awakening that profoundly impacts the Sami and Tornedalians, the body of a shepherd’s girl is found in a bog. Soon the villagers set out in search of the killer bear they think is on the rampage.

While the local community searches for the bear they presume to be the killer, a suspicion grows inside the Pastor, who thinks something else happened. Not long after, another girl is found dead, and the Pastor’s suspicions gain renewed credence. Soon he joins forces with the impoverished Sami boy, Jussi, and starts investigating the various leads about the horrible incident.

Trygve Allister Diesen
  • Crime
  • Drama

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