There’s Something in the Barn

There’s Something in the Barn

There’s Something in the Barn follows a typical American family who inherit a farm in the Norwegian mountains and cross paths with a tricky creature from Nordic folklore, the Barn Elf. The family must avoid incurring the wrath of this gnome-like Santa by eschewing all bright lights and loud noises and making sure to leave a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve.


  • “Packed with an infectious twee silly humour, There’s Something in the Barn has all the potential to be a future festive favourite. It lands almost exactly in the centre of a Krampus and Gremlins Venn diagram, making it the cheeriest and creepiest horror around.”


    The Hollywood News, US

  • “Directed by Magnus Martens and written by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown, There’s Something in the Barn is a lot of fun. While bloody at times, it never gets too dark and is going to appeal to a pretty wide audience. It’s got some solid Krampus vibes in that it’s not afraid to go to violent places, but it keeps things pretty slap-stick and entertaining, while keeping the relationship between the family members front and center. /…/ There’s Something in the Barn is one that you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on. It’s a fun, and light-hearted horror film that you will definitely want to add to your annual holiday viewing.”


    Daily Dead, US

  • “Anytime you think maybe it’s time to look at your watch, someone throws a Christmas ornament bomb, gets eaten by a snowmobile, or gets chased on a sled. So many fun, weird things happen that even when they don’t fit, it’s still entertaining.”

    Gizmodo, US

  • “This is a well-crafted horror-comedy in its own right, and like Gremlins, it’s a total blast. /…/ Director Magnus Martens does a great job of weaving some amazing, almost cartoonish gags into the horror, so he keeps the action fun and light-hearted the entire time, no matter how bleak things may look for the poor family. /…/ It’s a monstrously amusing mixture, and it comes together perfectly to make one of the most fun genre films I’ve seen all year. When the credits began to roll, the movie left me with a big smile on my face, and if you get a chance to watch it, I think you’ll love it just as much as I did.”

    Horror Obsessive, US

  • There’s Something in the Barn is a genuinely funny horror Christmas comedy that strikes a balance between ridiculousness and gore, making it an entertaining watch. /…/ It’s easy to tell the cast had a great time with the material, and their comedic timing is excellent./…/ The film delivers on its premise and promises a fun and cult classic experience./…/ There’s Something in the Barn nicely blends Nordic mythology with modern holiday traditions. The film’s buildup — filled with comedic exchanges with the local police chief (Henriette Seenstrup), among others — is fantastic./…/ There’s Something in the Barn is a horror comedy that seems destined to be a cult classic.”

    Screen Rant, US

  • “The portrayal of the small Norwegian town is authentic, and hilarious. /…/ Magnus Martens is no stranger to horror, having worked on two Walking Dead spin-offs, and he brings those skills here, crafting visually interesting, gory, and very entertaining horror set pieces. /…/ Seeing the family fight their way through Christmas elves, killing and maiming the bearded fellows, makes for a bloody fun time.”

    Slash Film, US

  • “This Norwegian horror comedy has all the prerequisites to become a Christmas cult classic.”

    Bergens Tidende, Norway

Photo: Jesper Brandt Magnus Martens
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