Jana – Märkta för livet

Jana – Märkta för livet Jana - Marked for Life

During an investigation into the murder of a high-ranking official at the Swedish Migration Agency, the main suspect is also found dead, and Jana immediately recognizes something on his scarred body.


  • “[The creators] have dared to widen the definition of what Nordic Noir can be, and that is precisely what makes Jana – Marked for Life such a brilliant thriller crime series


  • “It promises to be more than a standard Scandi noir”

    Irish Independent

  • “[One] of the 10 Best Crime Dramas this week”

    The Killing Times

  • “This is a perfectly serviceable thriller that touches on urgent contemporary concerns about immigration and child trafficking, with a hefty blast of good-hearted bien pensant Swedish liberalism”

    The Times

  • “BBC Four’s new Saturday-night crime drama is a well-made, gripping psychological thriller which comes to us from Sweden”

    The Sun

Daniel Sawka
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  • Drama
  • Thriller

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