Houdinis hund

Houdinis hund Houdini's Hound

Fredrik wants to impress his cousin Klara by being Harry Houdini, but Klara wants to keep Fredrik on the leash. They compromise by making up a game called ”The Houdini-slave”. The Houdini-slave has to do dangerous things, and gets buried in the sand on the beach. There is no way he can get up. But when Klara comes back, he is not there.

Directed and written by Sara Johnsen.


Aspen Shortsfest (Special Jury Award) US 2004
Buster International Children's Film Festival (Buster's Short Film Award) Denmark 2003
Chicago International Children's Film Festival Nominee (Adult's Jury Award) US 2003
Almería International Short Film Festival (Best Short Film) Spain 2003
Berlin International Film Festival (Best Short Film) Germany 2003
Amanda Awards Nominee (Best Children's or Youth Film) Norway 2003
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Photo: Stig Jarnes Sara Johnsen
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