Conny Palmkvist

Conny Palmkvist (b. 1973) is a writer, editor and literary critic. Having made a name for himself writing historical fiction for adult readers, Palmkvist was in 2020 awarded for his children’s book debut in a manuscript contest hosted by one of Sweden’s largest children’s book publishers. The jury praised his unique tone and dark sense of humor. His signature is, and will always be, his close perspective, as well as the poetic undercurrents of his texts.
The breathtaking time travel adventure Four Minutes Past Midnight is his second published children’s book.

Palmkvist lives with his family in Helsingborg in southern Sweden.


The Swedish Writers’ Fund Sweden 2022
Bonnier Carlsen Children’s Book Award (third prize) Sweden 2022
Gisela and Oscar Trapp Memorial Prize Sweden 2021
Lengertz Literature Prize Sweden 2021
Selma Award Sweden 2015
Umeå Novel Prize Sweden 2009
Jon of the Year Sweden 2009
Helsingborgs Dagblad’s culture prize Sweden 2007
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New Title: ‘Four Minutes Past Midnight’

Why do parents die? How can it even be allowed to happen? Nicolaus is still only a child and parents shouldn’t die. But on this night in July, nothing is as it should be.

Twelve-year-old Nicolaus watches over his mother’s sick bed alongside his father. It’s nighttime and all is quiet on ward thirty-four as Nicolaus is growing restless. He realizes he can’t stand to just sit around and wait for his mum to die; he needs to get away. In the elevator he sees a button that wasn’t there before. When he presses it, the elevator doors close and transport him to a very different kind of place.

It’s four minutes past midnight when he arrives to the Final station. It’s where everyone goes at some point. Or is it? Somehow, Nicolaus has stopped time two minutes before his mom will die. But what do you do if you discover that you can stop time, and even travel in time? Can you change the past – or the future?

Four Minutes Past Midnight is a unique, heartfelt, and beautiful children’s novel written in a sensitive, warm tone with a sprinkling of subtle humor.