Mina fem regler för livet

Mina fem regler för livet My Five Rules of Life

Anton reads lots of true hero stories online and his room is papered with posters of an old performer from the 1980s, George Michael. No one in his grade knows. And still, they call him a dork in school. A wimp. An ass. Ass-Anton.

Anton has been through it all, from having his head pushed into the toilet, to being tripped while walking with his lunch tray in the dining hall. But the worst is what happens after school. When they are waiting for him. That is why Anton has gotten himself a spacesuit with a helmet and everything. Or well, the suit is not actually real, but that is how it feels. Like the suit protects him. But Anton also knows that he is alone, and that everyone needs someone.

The turning point comes a December night when it is so cold out that everything sparkles. A door in the stairwell is standing slightly ajar, a candle has been lit, and someone has left an envelope on the countertop, addressed “To Anton.”

A second’s hesitation, then Anton reads the letter and heads out into the winter night.

Anton’s own tale of bravery is about to begin.


  • “A gripping and well-written book for middle graders, with humoristic elements that do not shy away from the darker sides of life. The ending instills hope.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “From a gray everyday life, the story takes a step towards the fantastic, to then land back in reality. /…/ The story is bound together by a prose that flows easily and has a perfect tone. Message: don’t let the bullies form your self-image. And one single friend can make a difference. They can mean everything.”

    ETC, Sweden

  • “[My Five Rules of Life] has a straightforward use of language and is easy to like.”

    Drömbibblan, Sweden

  • “[My Five Rules of Life] does not shy away from the darker subjects, and there is a nice warmth and quiet humor there. Hope is brought to life all the while Anton gathers new life rules and, just like Tove Jansson’s Toffle, he helps those who might need it even more than himself.”

    Landskronaposten, Sweden

  • “An extraordinary and surprising tale with dark humor and its very own tone, about how unexpected encounters in all layers of our society can make us do the most important thing of all – truly see one another. Conny Palmkvist assuredly tells the unusual story about Anton, whose existence at the outset is characterized by vulnerability and a feeling of not being able to be the one he truly is. But when a number of unexpected and mysterious missions have him head out for challenging adventures, a far shout from his usual existence, things are flipped up-side-down. Without knowing the purpose he heads out per the instructions, and those he encounters along the way all give him something that could make life a lot easier to live.”

    Bonnier Carlsen’s children’s fiction competition jury, Sweden

  • “Short chapters which evoke a lot of thoughts and excitement with the reader. A great tip for someone looking to read a thought-provoking, but short, book.”

    Eslöv library, Sweden

  • “A really good and peppy book! There’s always something to smile at.”

    The Book Force, Sweden

  • “A lovely and exciting story!”

    Vallentuna library, Sweden

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