New Title: ‘The Scream’

From a podcast studio in the back of his camper, ex-military and former police student Markus Heger investigates old and new crime cases. “The scream nobody heard” was supposed to be a series about seven-year-old Leah Forsberg, who disappeared from Fagernes 15 years ago, but it only became one episode. Although Leah’s body was never found, her father was convicted of her murder. When another girl disappears, Markus finds himself drawn back into the case again, and information from a reliable source has him questioning if the right man was put behind bars.

Meanwhile, things from his past that he’s desperately been trying to push away keep resurfacing. His absent father writes from prison, asking to meet with him. Perhaps he can help Markus solve the case, and maybe they can mend their broken relationship at the same time.

The Scream is the first installment in a new series by two of Norway’s most prominent crime authors.

Jo Nesbø and Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger on the Norwegian bestseller list

Jo Nesbø continues to dominate the bestseller lists for hardcovers and e-books with Blood Ties, which is still No. 1 this week. Meanwhile, the latest installment in the Blix Ramm series, Victim, is No.3 on the paperback list for the second consecutive week.

‘Death on Capri’ longlisted for 2024 Feelgood of the Year Award

Anders and Anette de la Motte’s new murder mystery, Death on Capri, has been longlisted for the Swedish Feelgood Festival’s award Feelgood of the Year 2024.

To see the list of the nominees and vote for your favorite, click “Read more” below.

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Jo Nesbø and Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes on the Norwegian bestseller list

Jo Nesbø’s second installment in The Kingdom series, Blood Tiesshoots to No.1 on the official bestseller list for hardcovers and e-books. Meanwhile, on the children’s list, Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes’ The Search for the Troll Eye, the twelfth activity book in the Detective Agency No. 2 series, comes in at No. 3.


‘Beyond Rescue’ and ‘Death on Capri’ among most sold in Sweden this May

Beyond Rescuethe fourth installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s successful August Strindberg series, is No. 2 on the official monthly bestseller list for hardcovers in Sweden. Moreover, the first installment in Anders and Anette de la Motte’s whodunit mystery series, Death on Capri, comes in at No.5.

Anders & Anette de la Motte, Ulf Lundell and Sofi Oksanen on the Swedish bestseller list

The first installment in Anders and Anette de la Motte’s new murder mystery series, Death on Capri, claims the No. 1 spot on the Swedish bestseller list for hardcovers this week. Moreover, Ulf Lundell’s Weekdays 10, from the celebrated collection of excerpts from his private diary, comes in at No. 3. On the non-fiction list, Sofi Oksanen’s critically acclaimed Same River Twice – Putin’s War Against Women, lands the No. 5 spot.


‘Run’ published in Sweden

One night in the 1990’s, a fifteen-year-old boy disappears from a locked room in a youth facility. He is never seen again.

Many years later, Piet Hoffmann sits in another prison, sentenced for possession after helping criminal inspector Ewert Grens to infiltrate a drug gang. One morning, a new prisoner arrives: Little Brother. His older brother was Piet Hoffman’s best friend when they were young. It was Big Brother who disappeared without a trace that night, and Little Brother lays all the blame on Piet.

Suddenly, Piet’s family find themselves in mortal danger, and Piet must find out what really happened that night in the 90s. Now there is only one way out, he must run.

With Run, Anders Roslund solidifies his position as one of our time’s foremost suspense authors.

‘Blood Ties’ published in Norway

In many ways, the brothers Carl and Roy Opgard have succeeded in life. Or at least they’ve had as much success as is possible in a small town like Os. Carl manages the area’s swanky spa hotel, while Roy runs the petrol station and has made plans for an amusement park complete with a roller coaster. But when it looks like a new highway is to be built next to Os, something has to be done, even if the methods are bound to be dirty. Luckily, the brothers have some experience of just that kind of work.

Meanwhile the sheriff has gotten his hands on new technology that he means can prove the brothers’ involvement in several murders back in time. And the number continues to climb. Like Roy says about the roller coaster: “Once it’s rolling, it’s too late to get off.”

Blood Ties is a grandiose and explosive suspense novel about loyalty, family ties, consuming love, and the fight against powerful forces. It will transport you to a community in crisis and tell the story of two brothers on the verge of losing all that they’ve fought for. Blood Ties is a novel of lost souls and even more dead bodies.

Photo: Sandy Haggart; Petrus Sjövik

Karin Arrhenius writes adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved series

Karin Arrhenius, acclaimed screenwriter behind Blackwater (Händelser vid vattnet), amongst others, is the writer behind a new adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved series Life on Seacrow Island (Vi på Saltkråkan). The original series being one of the most popular Swedish series of all times, the new adaptation will take place in modern times with filming beginning in Stockholm’s archipelago in June.

“To be involved in preserving and renewing the free and wonderful universe of Life on Seacrow Island with all its colorful characters has been incredibly joyful”, says Karin Arrhenius, in a press release by SF Studios.

SF Studios and SVT (Sveriges Television) in collaboration with Beta Film Kids & Family are the producers behind the six-episode series, with a cast consisting of actors such as Henrik Norlén (Tsunami) and Vega Åhman.

Life on Seacrow Island will be released in Sweden on SVT and SVT Play in 2025.

‘Death on Capri’ No. 3 in Sweden

The first installment in Anders and Anette de la Motte’s new murder mystery series, Death on Caprimakes its debut at No. 3 on the Swedish official bestseller list for hardcovers this week.