Vardagar Weekdays

Weekdays. Yesterdays. Laters. Presents. Life. Living. Ageing. Death. Life and death and life again. The memories.

The road. The ageing. The halting. The body and soul. House and home. Work. The wine. The wind. The car-driving. The walking. The country.

The sickness. The here and not there. The moments lived and the moments still left. The cranes. The love. The company. The loneliness. The emptiness.

Weekdays. Those that were. Those that are. Those to come. She, who was there. All that was and isn’t anymore.

Weekdays is a collection of excerpts from Ulf Lundell’s personal diary. Music, family life, writing, nature, politics, health, and society: he observes it all in the present, and looks back at even more in the past.

Photo: Sofia Lundell Ulf Lundell
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