Vardagar 2

Vardagar 2 Weekdays 2

Weekdays 2 is the continuation of Ulf Lundell’s critically acclaimed Weekdays from 2018.

Weekdays 2 is a collection of excerpts from Lundell’s diary entries during 2018 – a magnetic and uncompromising ballad of a bygone era.


  • “Eventually, a parallel story crystallizes, telling of the world before it was de-enchanted, with low-key intensity and suggestive sharpness. /…/ It’s a ballad from a bygone era, a welfare state perhaps./…/ As soon as Lundell enters the scene, he is remarkably delicate with his words.”

    Jens Christian Brandt, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Ulf Lundell’s new novel Weekdays 2 is, just as its predecessor from last year, a testimony of a changing world left by a person who stands alone in the midst of the political upheaval and biological mass-extermination of the time. Perhaps, Weekdays 2 will in the future be read as one of the lasting literary depictions of 2018’s summer of horror …”

    Björn Wiman, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “What I’d most of all like to remember from Weekdays 2 is the beauty, the one that shines through between the rainfalls, the boredom, pain and remorse. The romantic who never stops hoping for another rush, love affair, trip down to the continent and its heat, who still fantasizes about starting over. /…/ Be prepared to fold many dog-ears.”

    Expressen, Sweden

  • Weekdays 2 is a stream of consciousness that would make James Joyce jealous. /…/ Somehow [Lundell] manages to capture the feeling of the words having jumped onto the page in real time. As if he was writing at the same time as he’s driving around in his – ever troublesome – BMW. It’s skillful.”

    Dala-Demokraten, Sweden

  • “The book is super-annoying yet also magnetic in that uncompromising Lundellian way. He knows how to write. /…/ Oh, how easy it would be to dismiss Ulf Lundell completely. In many ways he is something of a nightmare. As a lifestyle role model, for example. But his writing – it still glows.”

    Smålands-Posten, Sweden

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