Truflunin The Disturbance

The year is 2034. The world has split into two separate dimensions that overlap in central Reykjavík. A wall has been erected around the area, called the Disturbance, and only highly trained scientists and soldiers – so-called agents – may enter. One of the agents chosen is the psychologist Halla, a specialist in cults and alien abduction experiences. Having burned all bridges in her private life, Halla is ready to dive headfirst into her assignment: to find F, an agent from the first wave that was sent over. F has gone missing without a trace, but just before she disappeared, she left an eerie message to the outside world. It’s up to Halla to find out whether her warning stems from a mental breakdown, or something far larger and more sinister.

Lauded Icelandic author Steinar Bragi is back with The Disturbance, an unforgettably profound and unsettling deep-dive into a futuristic world where nothing is as it seems. Effortlessly confident and propelled by a powerful narrative, Bragi’s latest work is an unrivaled literary exploration of the human mind – a machine that ai can only strive to imitate. So far.


Shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2022
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  • “Grim and great. /…/ A mixture of disturbing futuristic fiction and conspiratorial sci-fi-fantasy, the novel is at times twisted and square, other times terrific and captivating.”

    Berlingske, Denmark

  • “Welcome to the last vestiges of a recognizable world and its collapse: inner Reykjavik. /…/ Steinar Bragi’s inventiveness is tremendous.”

    Politiken, Denmark

  • “With a stylistically assured hand, Icelandic Steinar Bragi challenges our view of reality and turns the world on its side. The result is both fascinating and thought-provoking!”

    Litteratursiden, Denmark

  • “The uncanny depiction of something akin to our doomsday, is so frighteningly well-written and filmic that it’s as if it’s happening right before me. It’s a story that can seem both incomprehensible and eerie, and had I had the time, i would’ve re-read it immediately, for new sides to the story would no doubt have appeared.”


    Bogrummet, Denmark

  • “I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything like it. It’s breathtaking even as it plays with your mind! /…/ ‘I think, therefore I am.’ After reading Steinar Bragi’s science-fiction novel The Disturbance, it lingers in my mind: Can I be sure that I am?”, Denmark

  • “This novel deserved its nomination! /…/ A book for every sci-fi lover, but also you who want to go on a trip over the edge.”


    Bogbanden, Denmark

  • “After this read, I am destroyed in mind and body. /…/ The Disturbance is a sci-fi thriller that gets under your skin. It plays with your mind and thoughts, turning them all on their head.”

    Litteraturhjørnet, Denmark

  • “The narrative is enveloped in sheer power, which propels it forward right from the start. The mystery only deepens as we progress, growing more nuanced. /…/ Thoughts on quantum computing, string-theory, the multiverse and questions faced when standing opposite a non-human consciousness, all of this is expressed confidently and without hitch. /…/ The setting is local but the point of view rises above and beyond Iceland, as does the subject matter. This is a big novel, and a magnificent one, I feel. An author completely in a class of his own has written his best book, and that’s saying something.”

    RÚV, Iceland

  • “A gripping thriller/puzzle. Incredibly well done. Blade Runner comes to mind. /…/ It’s profound and epic and I can’t see that any other Icelandic author would have gone down this road except Steinar Bragi. /…/ There are times when you just gasp […] incredibly talented.”

    Kiljan, Iceland

  • The Disturbance is a dark and suspenseful novel that takes the reader on a journey into a world that may have been taken over by technology or even supernatural beings. The novel is truly well-written and makes for an excellent addition to the flora of Icelandic literature.”


    Lestrarklefinn, Iceland

  • The Disturbance is a crazy book in every way and sense of the word. Even the reader will grow slightly mad while reading. Recommended for those brave enough.”


    Morgunblaðið, Iceland

  • “A thrilling and densely told science fiction novel.”


    Fréttablaðið, Iceland

  • “‘Masterpiece’ is a too-often used expression in book reviews, but I finally have to admit I was done in by a volume: The Disturbance by Steinar Bragi is a masterpiece.”

    Bókmenntavefurinn, Iceland

Photo: Salomonsson Agency Steinar Bragi
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