Silvervägen The Silver Road

For the last three years, Lelle has spent his summer nights driving. He traces Route 95 with his car, cutting across northern Sweden’s isolated landscape in a north-westerly direction until he reaches the Norwegian border. Three years ago, his seventeen-year-old daughter went missing on this highway, a colorless stretch of road that the midnight sun now illuminates in front of him. The Silver Road. Her disappearance is tearing Lelle apart from within.

The small town of Glimmersträsk, an almost unnoticeable stop along the Silver Road, sees the arrival of Meja and her mother. Meja is the same age Lelle’s daughter was at the time of her disappearance. As the darkness of fall approaches, Lelle’s and Meja’s destinies become linked. When another girl goes missing, their lives are forever entwined.

Stina Jackson’s debut novel The Silver Road is a haunting and moving work of suspense. A critic’s favorite from day one, it’s a story about community, isolation, never giving up, and about having the strength to go on even in the darkest of times.

“If this book doesn’t win at least the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy debut award and become a Netflix series... well, then I’ll just have to give her the Åsa Larsson Award.”
—Åsa Larsson, author of the Rebecka Martinsson Arctic Murder series

“I really enjoyed The Silver Road. There’s a haunting, intoxicating atmosphere throughout, intensified by the never ending Nordic daylight, which is in stark contrast to the darkness of the families the story follows. A great read.”
—Ali Land, author of Good Me, Bad me

“A stunning read. Beautifully written and utterly haunting.”
—Jo Spain, author of The Confession

“A quietly told story that’s also thrilling. It’s incredibly well-written. /…/ I recommend it.”
—Leif GW Persson

“Deeply affecting.”
—Chris Whitaker, author of All the Wicked Girls

“I love everything about this book. Jackson is an author who knows the art of combining suspense with depth. It’s utterly beautiful, melancholy and well-written.”
—Lina Bengtsdotter, author of Annabelle

“The best crime fiction debut I’ve read. Suggestive, deeply psychologically perceptive, and unrelentingly thrilling.”
—Camilla Grebe, author of The Ice Beneath Her


  • “[An] unflinching debut. /.../ An unforgettable portrait of a father’s grief.”

    Sunday Times, UK

  • “What a stellar read [The Silver Road] is. This book reads more like Winter’s Bone than it does like a typical Scandinavian crime novel. /.../ This slow burn of a suspense story is utterly immersive and atmospheric.”

    Crime by the Book, UK

  • “A hard-hitting punch of a crime thriller. /…/ Within the pages lies a provocative and emotionally stunning read. /…/ Within the first page I knew I had fallen in love with the writing, which is exquisitely translated. The words connected with my very being. I could feel the words, look around me and see my surroundings.”

    LoveReading, UK

  • “Beautifully written, haunting and intense.”

    The Times Crime Club, UK

  • “The novel is pervaded by a strong sense of isolation, insecurity and loneliness. Jackson’s prose glides unobtrusively along, shorn of descriptive flourish yet conjuring up a powerful sense of the unforgiving part of subarctic Sweden in which it is set.”

    Town & Countryhouse Magazine, UK

  • “A scarily good debut. /…/ One can definitely understand the hype around Stina Jackson’s debut [The Silver Road]. /…/ The first-time author has crafted a brilliant piece of crime fiction.”


    Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

  • “There is something strangely alluring about her debut novel. /…/ [The Silver Road] is concerned with the darker spectrum of the human psyche, and the author elegantly and realistically allows the readers to fully immerse themselves in this true darkness. /…/ The plot unfolding in the semi-dark nights in the gigantic northern woods of Sweden that the midnight sun fails to illuminate, gives the book an added layer of eeriness.”

    Nordjyske, Denmark

  • “Even as the sharp light of the midnight sun illuminates the pages of Stina Jackson’s thriller debut, the low-hanging skylight likewise throws long shadows and a sombre atmosphere over the landscape and the narrative. As the reader, one sits with a growing unease while turning the pages and with eminent command of the plot Jackson slowly but surely allows the darkness to descend on everything. And it’s freaking terrifying. /…/ It is chilling as well as psychologically intriguing, when Jackson with tenderness draws a portrait of society’s marginal existences and of children with scarred souls.”


    Berlingske, Denmark

  • “Brimming with crime, grief, loss, despair and the longing of getting to the bottom of an unsolvable case. /… / An excellent, contemplating, frightening and tender crime novel that will make you tremble as you allow yourself to be to be consumed by a feeling of doom that never quite lets go.”


    Femina, Denmark

  • “[Stina Jackson] has managed to infuse an impressive amount of Stephen King-esque out-in-the-countryside-of-New-England vibe into the Swedish Northland. Here the immense, gloomy forests and terrifying black, massive mosquito swarms become a fittingly sinister background to deviating human behavior. /…/ With its use of suggestiveness rather than clinical reports detailing monstrosities, the tale is refreshingly different from the flood of ‘nordic noir’ police crime novels set in Stockholm and southern Swedish idylls.”

    Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

  • “A great, new light on the Swedish crime sky. /…/ The remarkable thing about Stina Jackson’s novel and her talent is the manner in which she successfully writes about nature, draws up the people living in it, depicts its beauty and greatness – and at the same time creates an explosively exciting crime story. [The Silver Road] has all the eeriness and excitement that one could ask for. Amidst the beauty. /…/ It’s a delight to read The Silver Road; not only is one provided with a spectacular crime novel, but a book so well-written that we’re talking about great literature here. /…/ When the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers handed out its annual awards this November, the prize for best Swedish crime novel went to Stina Jackson – the first time a debutant has ever been received this award. Having read the book one can only say: The Academy didn’t have a choice. This book HAD to win.”


    JydskeVestkysten, Denmark

  • “The author Stina Jackson has a knack for writing captivatingly and hauntingly about peripheral areas, their environments and the people living there in, more or less, voluntary solitude.”

    Lokalavisen Nordsjælland, Denmark

  • “Stina Jackson moves a bit outside the standard Swedish suspense pattern, profiling herself in a promising way with her sensitively chiselled, odd character portraits and compelling depictions of relationships.”

    Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland

  • “A brilliant debut. /…/ Stina Jackson skillfully twists the perspective time and time again: loneliness can be better than community, the great forests can be safer than a house you can’t leave.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “The summer nights in the north are endlessly bright, but the darkness hides in the forest and Jackson knows just how to describe milieus and people in such a way that the story comes disturbingly alive.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “One of those novels that you read and read and read and never want to leave.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • The Silver Road is a debut that sparkles. Here is a real page-turner, with heart and depth. /.../ How can Stina Jackson describe how much loss hurts so powerfully? She’s a debutant, but her prose is so mature that [the novel] feels like an author’s third book, at the least.”

    Smålandsposten, Sweden

  • “Stina Jacksom makes an explosive debut in 2018 with the suspense novel The Silver Road. /.../ A new West Bothnia writing star has appeared on the night sky.”

    Norrländska Socialdemokraten, Sweden

  • “Suspense and well-depicted sorrow along the Silver Road.”

    Arbetaren, Sweden

  • “True Swedish noir.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

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