Nu måste man faktiskt vara TYST!

Nu måste man faktiskt vara TYST! You Must Be QUIET Now!

You must be quiet now! Promise. No messing around or horseplay. If you’re going to read this book you have to be totally….utterly….quiet. Yes, zip it, because here comes another hilarious picture book by a funny little man called David Sundin.

Just like in his previous children’s books (that did not want to be read) this one too invites to mischief, conversations and silly antics between reader and listener. After all, it’s not always easy to be quiet while you read a book where baby chicks are chirping super loudly and your index fingers are just itching to play the drums: TUM! BONG! CRISH!



  • “Perfect for children that have troubles keeping up the focus for longer stories and that enjoy to participate. This is no book for relaxation, but one that turns reading into playtime.”

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Stefan Tell David Sundin
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