Boken som ABSOLUT inte ville bli läst

Boken som ABSOLUT inte ville bli läst The Book That ABSOLUTELY Did Not Want To Be Read

Keep your paws off this book! It ABSOLUTELY does not want to be read and will give off electric shocks, flip its text up-side-down and wrestle with you to ensure you’ll put it down. Filled to the brim with even more read-out-loud amusement in the same style as in its beloved predecessors, it comes with an infinite amount of laughs guaranteed. An ode to the written word, the book and the collective reading experience. This book once again forces the reader to make a fool of themselves, adapt a deep frown and perhaps even do something as challenging as to say something kind to someone. It will be cumbersome, messy and…truly, utterly hilarious!



  • “Sprawling to an extent that a new aesthetic is created. A clashing, obnoxious aesthetic that initially hurts my eyes, but to which I eventually utterly surrender as I come to realize that this is closer to life – after all – than all lingually and formatically correct books intent on making children into adequately aware citizens. /…/ One laughs and becomes disgusted. Becomes angry and find things ridiculous. But one simply cannot stop.”

    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “[The Book that ABSOLUTELY Did Not Want To Be Read] is playful and humoristic and completely bonkers. A book to fall in love with and read together, that interacts with the child/the listener. A bedtime story that will have to be read many times over.”

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Stefan Tell David Sundin
  • Children's
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Albania, Magjia e Librit

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