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Lars is the most handsome dachshund in town. He is a taxi and ambulance driver. His best friend, Urban, is a nurse at the Southern Dogs’ hospital. The two friends have decided to go and see Lars’ Aunt, Lo, who lives in a country far beyond India. However, when they arrive Aunt Lo has mysteriously disappeared! Lars and Urban have to find her – a search that, in the most adventurous ways, takes them to the golden city of Lass Benas, the mysterious Giggle Club and the terrible town prison and its money-grubbing pug director. How will Lars and Urban carry out their tough mission? And what is, in fact, the secret of Aunt Lo?

Lars & Urban – Aunt Lo's Secret is the second book about the two utterly charming dogs Lars and Urban.


  • “Dahlgren tells of lying for a good cause without becoming moralizing. She has a linguistic wit that is highly entertaining.”

    Piteå-Tidningen, Sweden

  • “Dahlgren has once again created an imaginative, suspenseful book. Faster Lo’s Secret is filled with playful words and frolicsome parallels to human life.”

    Smålandsposten, Sweden

  • “All the better, she is also a poet with the joys of words in her bag and the book’s greatest asset is the construction of the world of the dogs, alas! so much like ours.”

    Expressen, Sweden

  • “While the book provides suspenseful and substantial reading, there are additional dimensions that reflect upon what is beautiful and how society works.”

    Värnamo Nyheter, Sweden

Photo: Mattias Edwall Eva Dahlgren
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