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I hennes fotspår In Her Footsteps

Jill and Isabelle are half-sisters with a tight-knit bond. Isabelle relies on her younger sister Jill for a semblance of structure in her rootless existence, stemming from the void that her mother’s sudden disappearance during her childhood has left her with. Isabelle has in turn always had Jill’s corner and encouraged her to break out of her shell to pursue her dreams.

Then Isabelle goes missing. All evidence seems to suggest she has left on her own accord, but Jill refuses to believe it. She knows that her sister’s obsession with local true crime cases saw her investigate a disappearance of a young woman, could Isabelle’s own disappearance be linked to information she stumbled upon there? Jill initiates her own investigation that leads her to cross paths with a family that both intrigues and frightens her. Soon, she finds herself deeply entangled in a situation that will be hard to escape from…

In Her Footsteps is an atmospheric and unnerving psychological thriller about unbreakable family ties and obsessions.



  • “Whilst the intrigue on the one hand has the aura of a Hollywood thriller, [Wahlgren] also anchors it on a more everyday level through her credible depiction of individuals that one could spot in each and every Gävle town-restaurant. Even if In her Footsteps at its heart is an escapist read, there are also other threads here to follow than those evoking spine-chilling suspense. Not the least the portrayal of Adam’s family, from Gävle-upper class with a grand villa and summerhouse in Sivik that’s contrasted with the sisters’ working class/lower middle class background. It’s thrilling to follow Jill’s investigations and Anna E. Wahlgren knows how to construct a narrative to lure the reader further into the labyrinth. (…) It’s entertaining all the way to the finish line. /…/ [Wahlgren]  has a clear idea of what she wants to accomplish, who she writes for and it’s done with an impressive drive.”

    Gefle Dagblad, Sweden

  • “An excellent read! Well-written and with a forward drive that makes it impossible to stop reading until you find out more. The chapters alternates between Jill’s searching in the present and Isabelle’s investigation a year earlier. This generates suspense that results in an unexpected ending. (…) I sincerely hope Anna E Wahlgren writes more books.”

    Läslustan, Sweden

  • “Anna E. Wahlgren has yet again written a compelling relationship-thriller. /…/ The story is interchangeably told through the two sister’s perspectives. Their investigations, hardly a year apart, and what they uncover is portioned out in well-balanced, suspense-inducing passages. Nerve-wracking scenes unfold on the dimlit streets of downtown Gävle as well as out in the adjacent archipelago where the character Adam’s parents have a beachfront property in the form of a grand summer residence. /…/ Chilling Rebecca-vibes in a true page-turner of a suspense novel.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “I truly appreciated the resolution. I thought it was really well executed by [Anna E Wahlgren]. I warmly recommend In Her Footsteps for fans of the genre. You will devour it, just like I did!”

    Beas bokhylla, Sweden

  • “[In Her Footsteps] was brilliant. Well-written and told at a pleasant pace that propelled me forwards in a steady hold. (…) I recommend it strongly!



    Skriva Läsa Leva, Sweden

  • “Anna E. Wahlgren is a skilled writer and leaves just enough clues for the reader to detect the danger ahead of [protagonist] Jill grasping what is happening. The depictions of Gävle are spot on. /…/ An accomplished suspense novel.”

    DAST Magazine, Sweden

  • “[Anna E. Wahlgren] is a talented storyteller and holds a high linguistic level. /…/ [In her footsteps] is well-written and thrilling, a surprising read with a number of surprising twists and turns along the way.”

    Kapprakt, Sweden

  • “In her footsteps is well-written and exciting. I appreciate the modern approach when using the unsolved disappearances brought up in various podcasts. I also like the construction with the different perspectives. Nicely done! Warmly recommended!”

    Zannaspennaobok, Sweden

  • “I haven’t read any crime or suspense novels with a similar intrigue. That’s refreshing. It’s intricate in a somewhat new way (and damn, it gets intricate at times). Wahlgren guides the reader in an accomplished way among familiar Gävle-milieus in a very ingenious and entertaining story.”

    Skrapkulturbibliotekarien, Sweden

  • “Phew, what a page-turner! With this book Anna E Wahlgren truly puts her foot forward as one of Sweden’s best suspense-writers. She’s somewhat of a Swedish Ruth Ware! I love her language, her characters and her way of writing. The ideas are brilliant and the execution even better.”


    Läsbulle, Sweden

  • “This is the first book I read by Anna E Wahlgren, but it’s definitely an authorship I want to see more from. I love the suspense that she manages to keep up throughout the entire read amd the peaks in the mystery that brings that x-factor. This is a story that is skilfully construed and the characters are easy to get close to. A nice touch is [sisters] Jill and Isabelle’s bond to one another, so strong it’s almost palpable and one desires nothing more but for an happy ending for them.”

    Gulabokhyllan, Sweden

  • “Just like Anna’s previous book The Reunion, this is a spine-tingling book and it had me fooled again and again. I also found it very hard to put down as I simply had to find out how it ended.”

    Ihuvudetpamalin, Sweden

  • “Just like Anna E Wahlgren’s previous suspense novels, In her footsteps was brilliant. It’s well-written, told in a pleasant tempo that propelled me forwards in a steady grip.”

    Helenaskriver, Sweden

  • “A thrilling psychological thriller about sibling relationships and obsession. Anna E Wahlgren is a suspense-maker that with a sure hand guides the reader through unexpected turns and a sleek resolution.”

    Fröken Milla, Sweden

  • “A skilfully woven story that keeps one on one’s toes and won’t let you stop reading.”

    Miasbok, Sweden

  • “Extremely thrilling page-turner (…). Had a hard time putting it down.”

    Du är vad du läser, Sweden

  • “When [Anna E Wahlgren’s] last book The Reunion was released, it had me astounded. Yet again Anna E Wahlgren has written a creepingly suspenseful story that gets under your skin and doesn’t leave me those moments I’m not reading. /…/ A thrilling story with drive that makes me avoid reading at night time. You never know who you can really trust…”

    Bokstavligttalat, Sweden

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  • Psychological Thriller
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