Piratskattens hemlighet

Piratskattens hemlighet The Lost Treasure of Aquila

Siblings Sam and Minna and their mother Eva arrive at the Orchid coast to celebrate Christmas in the sun with Aunt Anja and Cousin Bianca. It’s the first time after their father’s death the siblings are back on his beloved Orchid coast, and to be there is beautiful and sad at the same time. It promises to be an exciting Christmas when a mysterious mask and old pieces of wood from a sunken ship wash ashore at the hotel where they live. Grandfather Ivo tells the three cousins the legend of Pirate Aquila, whose ship sank in the battle for “the greatest treasure of them all”. Meanwhile, Sam, Minna and their mother learn that the Orchid coast will be destroyed after Christmas. Can Pirate Aquila’s treasure save the coast?

Tomas Tivemark
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Family

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