Frikjent Acquitted

Acquitted tells the story Aksel Borgen, a man who has succesfully worked his way up to the top as a businessman in Hong Kong, 20 years after being found guilty, and thenafter acquitted of the murder of his high school sweetheart. As the keystone industry of his home town is being threatened with bankruptcy, Aksel returns to save the place that once turned its backs on him. However, the past is not forgotten. Old wounds torn up and new conflicts arise as the past and the present collide. This turns into a battle of guilt, revenge and the hope for reconciliation for Aksel. The man who was acquitted, but yet doomed.

Created and written by Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliasen. Producers Miso Film Denmark.


Seoul International Drama Awards Nominee (Best Mini-Series) South Korea 2015
Seoul International Drama Awards Nominee (Best Screenwriter) South Korea 2015
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  • “Acquitted becomes Norway's biggest TV drama hit.”


  • “The driving force is the drama between [Aksel] and the local community, the family he left twenty years ago and not least, how the screenwriters steer the viewers’ compassion for Aksel back and forth. /…/ Acquitted is, either way, an unbelievably good series from TV2. What you thought to be a crime thriller is instead a solid rural drama with a dark history as backdrop.”

    Aftenposten, Norway 5/6

  • “One of 20 must-sees for 2015. /…/ An Ibsenian drama with clear references to Peter Gynt and similarities to our own Les Revenants.”

    Le Monde, France

  • Acquitted, a new Norwegian series which FremantleMedia International is pitching to global broadcasters this week, stands out from the pack. /…/ The one-hour drama, which Norway’s Miso Film is producing for pubweb TV2 Norway, takes elements of the Nordic Noir tradition and combines them with the much older Scandinavian tradition of existential drama, bearing a resemblance to the works of Ingmar Bergman or Henrik Ibsen.”

    Hollywood Reporter, USA

  • “With the village drama Acquitted, directed by the man behind Lilyhammer, another great chapter to the modern history of Norwegian television has been added. It is a story about guilt, atonement, loss and forgiveness. Of returning to your homeland in an attempt to look the ghosts of the past in the eye and to speak with yourself.”

    Politiken, Denmark

  • Aquitted is simply a great TV drama. Already during the intro, accompanied by music from the Norwegian band Highasakite, we understand that this is dramaturgical craftsmanship of the highest order, and everyone involved with the production – from scriptwriters and actors to stage designers and film crew – show throughout the series that together they can pull all the right strings in the right direction.”

    Filter Film og TV, Norway

  • “Dramaturgically Acquitted is comparable to the first season of the Danish show The Killing. The plot is skillfully twisted episode by episode, so that the viewers are forced to move their suspicions from one person to another. /…/ Because I have seen the whole series, I can without revealing anything tell you that it continues on in the same spirit to the bitter end. I can understand that Acquitted has become a must for almost a million nail-biting Swedish viewers every Sunday.”

    Expressen, Sweden

Photo: Carl Martin Nordby Anna Bache-Wiig & Siv Rajendram Eliassen
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Thriller

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