Bäst i Sverige!

Bäst i Sverige! We Can Be Heroes!

Marcello is a young boy desperately trying to shake his loser label. At school the bullies always seems to find a way to push him around, and at home his father’s dream that his son will become a professional football player only makes things more difficult. Marcello has a completely different dream … he wants to fly! Marcello’s life then takes a turn when he meets the Lebanese girl Fatima who gives him the support he needs, reminding him that he isn’t a loser… and that in her eyes, he is the best in the world.


Guldbagge Awards Nominee (Best Screenplay) Sweden 2003
Lübeck Nordic Film Days (Prize of the Video Industry) Germany 2002
Lübeck Nordic Film Days (Children's Film Prize of the Nordic Film Institutes) Germany 2002
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Photo: Johan Lindsten Peter Birro
  • Drama
  • Family

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