30 grader i februari

30 grader i februari 30 Degrees in February

30 degrees in February is a compelling ten-part drama following a group of Swedes who’ve left the snow and cold of Scandinavia for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand, in order to embark on a life-changing adventure, a fresh start and a new life. 30 Degrees in Febuary is an existential as well as highly entertaining drama series about human hopes, fears and dreams, about exploitation and the down sides of tourism. An equally warm as dark portrait of a group of characters, the TV series explores the question of whether it’s really possible to leave the past behind?

TV Series. Anders Weidemann creator and writer (10 episodes).


Kristallen Award (Best Television Drama) Sweden 2012
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Photo: Appendix Fotografi Anders Weidemann
  • Drama

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