30 grader i februari – säsong 2

30 grader i februari – säsong 2 30 Degrees in February - Season 2

30 Degrees in February is a compelling ten-part drama following a group of Swedes who’ve left the snow and cold of Scandinavia for the warm, sandy beaches of Thailand, in order to embark on a life-changing adventure, a fresh start and a new life. 30 Degrees in February is an existential as well as highly entertaining drama series about human hopes, fears and dreams, about exploitation and the down sides of tourism. An equally warm as dark portrait of a group of characters, the TV series explores the question of whether it’s really possible to leave the past behind?

TV Series. Anders Weidemann is the creator and writer (10 episodes).


  • “The future of a TV Series is usually decided after the third episode; will the viewers stay or start to leave? Film Väst’s co-production 30 degrees in february has succeeded with the artful skill to not just keep, but also increase the viewership after four rounds.”

    Film Väst, Sweden

  • “Without revealing all too much of the plot, you can easily tell that this season will be at least as good as last time. It is clever to expand the physical storytelling to Sweden and not only Thailand, it also feels right to introduce new characters.”

    TVdags, Sweden

  • TVdags

  • “The nice atmosphere from the first season is still present in season two, possibly with even more anxiety and melancholy. The connection to Sweden becomes stronger and the characters are allowed to develop even further. ”

    Spelochfilm.se, Sweden

Photo: Appendix Fotografi Anders Weidemann
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