Josef Persson
Josef Persson
Photo: Josef Persson Photo: Josef Persson

Kristoffer Cras

Screenwriter Kristoffer Cras attended the renowned Institute for Higher TV-Education in Gothenburg in 2003-2005 and then began collaborating with several production companies. Among else this resulted in the short film Cedra (2007) which he wrote together with Abbe Hassan.

The following years Cras took his creative mind in other directions and started working with the popular magazine Djungeltrumman for which he did hundreds of interviews and later became editor. Cras also began his career as an author, debuting with the notable Svenneskräp in 2011. Today he has had six books published and has contributed to many anthologies and other literary contexts with his short stories and poems.

In 2018 he resumed the collaboration with director Abbe Hassan, writing the feature film Exodus, which is produced by B-Reel and is set to premiere in 2022.