Jonas T. Bengtsson

Jonas T. Bengtsson (b. 1976) stunned the Danish literary scene in 2005 with his critically acclaimed and award-winning debut, Amina’s Letters. Hailed as “an extraordinary new voice” by critics, Bengtsson has received several awards for his authorship, such as the PO Enquist Literary Prize and the Martin Andersen Nexø Literary Award. His catalogue now features five novels which have been published in over 20 countries, and both Submarino and Amina’s Letters were made into films. On Parole is Bengtsson’s latest novel, described as a mixture of hard-boiled social realism and crime noir.


Shortlisted for the Danish Radio Literature Prize (Best Novel of the Year) Denmark – Sus Sus 2018
Martin Andersen Nexø Literary Award Denmark – Et eventyr A Fairy Tale 2013
Shortlisted for the Danish Radio Literature Prize (Best Novel of the Year) Denmark – Et eventyr A Fairy Tale 2012
PO Enquist Literary Prize Sweden 2010
BG Bank First Book Award Denmark – Aminas breve Amina’s Letters 2005
Shortlisted for Weekendavisen’s Literature Prize Denmark – Aminas breve Amina’s Letters 2005
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New title: ‘On Parole’

Danny, Malik and Christian grew up on the same block on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Once the best of friends, they’re now nothing alike. While Danny went down the path of the criminal, Christian and Malik chose another track somewhere along the way. Now, Christian is a policeman and house-owner with a wife and children; Malik is studying to become a dentist while helping out at his father’s restaurant.

Danny is serving his sixth year in prison for a violent offense when he’s unexpectedly released on parole. The first thing he wants to do is find his old friends. But no one has seen Malik in weeks, and though Christian is part of the police, his search is bound by the limits of the law. But laws have never been an obstacle to Danny. He sets out to find his lost childhood friend.

On Parole is Jonas T. Bengtsson’s fifth novel.

‘Sus’ shortlisted for the Danish Radio Literature Prize

Jonas T. Bengtsson’s Sus has been shortlisted for 2018’s Danish Radio Literature Prize. The six titles competing for the award will be successively announced during the coming months, and starting in December, Danish Radio’s book clubs will read and discuss the titles. The winning novel and author will then be chosen by the book clubs’ votes and a jury. The result will be made public in June 2018.

‘Sus’ published in Denmark

Jonas T. Bengtsson is finally back to immerse the reader in the grungy yet poetic world of Copenhagen’s lost souls. His highly anticipated fourth novel tells the story of the nineteen-year-old girl Sus. Though almost an adult in years, Sus could still be mistaken for a child, in fact routinely is. It is as if time stopped, just for her and her family. For her brother in the hospital, grenade shrapnel digging into his brain. For their father, in prison for killing their mother. But time is about to start again, and Sus has been preparing for it for a long time. When the prison gates open, she will be ready.

Sus is a story of revenge: its all-encompassing passion, purity of purpose, and untamed beauty. Award-winning Jonas T. Bengtsson’s new novel celebrates humanity at its very darkest.