Vinterviken JJ+E

Vinterviken 2021 is set in Stockholm, 2021, and focuses on the love story between two young people raised in the same city yet living light years apart, separated by economic, social, and cultural differences until they enter the same high school class.

Based on Mats Wahl’s novel Vinterviken, which was adapted into a successful feature film also in 1996.


  • “A new-thinking update of a classic. /…/ This new interpretation [of Vinterviken] feels both modern and more weighty than its predecessor.”


    Filmtopp, Sweden

  • “Alexis Almström’s Vinterviken 2021 is faithful to its predecessor, but considerably more realistic in its depiction of the two worlds that collide. /…/ A remake of a classic that’s kept its topicality.”


    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “It’s a story that’s as topical today, if not more, than it was thirty years ago. /…/ The new Vinterviken 2021 is excellent. The tale is both believable and gripping. It’s a beautiful love story that stands the test of time. The director has treated the story with a gentle hand.”


    Kulturbloggen, Sweden

Photo: Kiefer Lee Alexis Almström
  • Drama

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