Top Dog

Top Dog

Top Dog is based on best-selling author and lawyer Jens Lapidus’ latest trilogy featuring an unlikely duo, business lawyer Emily Jansson and a recently released convict.

In the series, a mysterious disappearance links two completely different worlds, and the mismatched pair Emily Jansson, and ex convict Najdan Maksumic. They have two opposing desires: she wants to move up the ladder and to secure her future, while he wants out and to leave his past behind. They are both forced to rethink their plans when they find themselves in the middle of a sordid entanglement, where the past catches up with them.

Based on Jens Lapidus’ best-selling trilogy The VIP Room, Stockholm Delete and Top Dogg.

Alexis Almström directed four episodes for season 1.

Photo: Kiefer Lee Alexis Almström
  • Thriller

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