Tusenbröder Brotherhood

“”All I wanted was to become a straight dude, a Mr Ordinary, if you will. Or, preferably, of course, a successful Mr Ordinary.””

Those are the words of Hoffa, a guy in his 30s, living in the suburbs, wife and kids, but no job. One day, Hoffa decides to start a painting company together with his pals Niklas and Hamid.

By realising his dream of an ordinary life, Hoffa hopes to find his place in life. This proves more difficult than expected. The company does pretty well; but bookkeeping isn’t the guys’ strong suit. The neglected invoices pile up, and the trio is soon forced to borrow money at usurious interest. Where can the guys get the money they need?

Created and written by Lars Lundström.


Kristallen Awards (Best Drama Series) Sweden 2007
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Photo: Kiefer Lee Lars Lundström
  • Crime
  • Drama

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