Vi skal ikke våkne

Vi skal ikke våkne We Shall Not Awaken

Thorkild Aske #3

Former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske must return to his roots on Iceland when his father Ulfur, an environmentalist with a checkered past, is stricken with cancer. But Ulfur is also in jail: he has been charged with the murder of his young lover. When Ulfur insists that he is innocent of the crime, Thorkild and his sister find themselves searching for the truth and the real killer. Their journey across Iceland and into the murky depths of the past – their own as well as that of Ulfur’s radical environmentalist group – threatens to lay bare dark secrets best forgotten. The price of the truth will be exacted in lives.

We Shall Not Awaken is the third Thorkild Aske novel, and a true exploration of the gothic and sardonic universe of Heine Bakkeid’s lauded protagonist.


  • “Impressive and epic crime fiction. /…/ We Shall Not Awaken constitutes a rarity within Norwegian crime. /…/ An unforgettable and thrilling read, impossible to put down once one has started. I’m simply delighted by Bakkeid’s way of depicting milieus and portraying characters – he infuses the text with life and repeatedly pulls the reader into situations where his vivid narration makes one’s jaw drop. One has to keep pinching oneself to see whether Heine Bakkeid can actually write this well. This is a Norwegian author genius that we should be proud to have representing Norwegian crime fiction. We Shall Not Awaken is high quality crime fiction. /…/ Heine Bakkeid offers humor, excitement, solemnity and drama concurrently. It’s an entertaining read with a completely brilliant crime plot. It both captivates and triggers reflection, something which Heine repeatedly impresses with throughout the book. I lack words to describe how much I love Heine Bakkeid’s crime universe: it is executed with such detail, is so well-written and commendably designed, that it makes shivers run down my spine. Heine Bakkeid is a genius of a rarely seen caliber that I am truly thrilled to read more from in the future.”


    Bygdebladet, Norway

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  • Mystery
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