Sorgsankeren Harvester of Sorrow

Thorkild Aske #5

Thorkild Aske is sought out in his home by an old enemy, a man that has already attempted to kill him twice. The man has been assigned a mission: to kill four people within a week, or his kidnapped eight-year-old nephew will die. Now he needs Aske’s help to carry out the job.

Harvester of sorrow is Riverton-prize winning author Heine Bakkeid’s fifth crime novel in the acclaimed Thorkild Aske-series.


  • “What I particularly enjoy with Bakkeid’s books is his way of writing and the dark, raw humour. Bakkeid writes fantastically well, and the dialogue works like a charm. /…/ The author accomplishes to create characters that come alive, that one feels compassion for, even a broken soul like Thorkild Aske.”

    Krimlitteratur, Norway

  • “Heine Bakkeid is a lingustically assured author with a hardboiled style that suits this plot well.”


    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

  • “Crime fiction written with great fanfare, by one of the very best we have amongst Norwegian crime authors. With Harvester of Sorrow Heine Bakkeid continues in the genre he masters, nordic noir. He keeps up his sky-high tempo and makes you scratch your head several times over. He is likely the author that varies his material the most these days, and he is constantly renewing himself. Bakkeid is a treasure in the Norwegian crime fiction, and an author who polishes his stories until there isn’t anything left to polish and the result is a superb reader’s experience. /…/ The author is skilled at delving far into the human psyche and this one is written with gusto. /…/ It seems as if Bakkeid is inexhaustible with imagination, this shines through in the entirity of the story. He pushes all the limits for what can be conveyed on paper. There’s only one thing left to do, to take a bow. Let’s hope we’ll get more crime fiction from Bakkeid ahead, it’s fascinating how he manages to steadily maintain his sky-high level, other Norwegian authors have a lot to learn from him.”


    Randaberg 24, Norway

  • “A violent showdown-sequence on an old ferry ends the novel. It has cinematic qualities. /…/ The Thorkild-Aske series consists of five novels which have delivered on a steadily high level and has safely positioned the author in the upper echelon of Norwegian crime fiction. /…/ Harvester of Sorrow is a given read for anyone with an interest in Norwegian crime fiction.”


    Bok365, Norway

Photo: Harriet M. Olsen Heine Bakkeid
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