St. Avenger

St. Avenger St. Avenger

Thorkild Aske #4

When the badly battered corpse of what is presumed to be police officer Simon Bergeland is discovered buried in the sand dunes of Stavanger’s local beach, Thorkild Aske finds himself returning to the city haunting his dreams in search of answers. Stavanger is where it all went to hell; where he lost Frei and his job at the Special Unit. Simon Bergeland, Frei’s lover, was to blame – but has remained missing ever since that fateful day. Soon, it emerges that the events of the past were nothing like Thorkild thought, and when the threats towards him amass it stands clear that his return to Stavanger isn’t simply unwanted – it could also cost him his life.

St. Avenger is the thrilling fourth installment in Heine Bakkeid’s lauded series about the tormented and sardonic former interrogator Thorkild Aske.


The Riverton prize (Crime novel of the year) Norway 2022
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  • Heine Bakkeid is great at creating an atmosphere between two covers. He should have credit for being so in control over the vast character gallery as well. /…/ In addition he sure knows how to write dialogue packed with a punch. /…/ [St. Avenger] culminates in a Christmas party for the Stavanger police force that the readers won’t soon forget.”

    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “Here at last comes an accomplished crime novel set in Stavanger. Stavanger and revenge play key roles in this dark and well-written Nordic noir. /…/ It’s Aske himself narrating the story, giving it a laconic and hard-boiled feel. /…/ Heine Bakkeid (…) is up there amongst the very best Norwegian crime writers. /…/ This is good stuff, where we become empathetic to this investigator who is also a victim, and where the plot twists and turns without too many action scenes but with all the more human wisdom, a distinct style and a windswept Stavanger as a particularly suitable backdrop.”


    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

Photo: Harriet M. Olsen Heine Bakkeid
  • Mystery
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