Sommarskuggan och slottsbuset

Sommarskuggan och slottsbuset The Summer Shadow and the Castle Prank

Summer Shadow #4

Shadow hunter Ostrich has been given the important mission of locking up the magical Summer Shadow suit once and for all. The shadow chest travels safely in the back of Ostrich’s truck on the way to a safe hiding place – at least that’s what everyone thinks…

Best friends Ila and Nouri are going to attend a ghost walk to begin inside the castle. They are standing outside, hoping that the Summer Shadow will show up. It’s been weeks since they read the magical rhyme they found online, the rhyme that is supposed to draw out the Summer Shadow. They have even built their own devices that should sense the Summer Shadow’s presence. The question is, do their shadow devices really work, and will the biggest prankster of them all show up at the ghost walk?


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best children’s book) Sweden 2023
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  • “The illustrations are humoristic, drawn with contours, distinct emotional expressions, and detailed interiors.”

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Kajsa Göransson Tina Mackic
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Sweden, Rabén & Sjögren

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