Sommarskuggan och halloweenbuset

Sommarskuggan och halloweenbuset The Summer Shadow and the Halloween Prank

Summer Shadow #1

Shadow hunter Angela Dot is about to drive the magical Summer Shadow suit to a safe location, to make sure it will not cause any more trouble. But the shadow chest containing the suit falls off the truck and ends up at a schoolyard, in the middle of their Halloween celebration. The Summer Shadow steals the kids’ candy and freezes the principal and several teachers and students with its shadow slime. Best friends Puck and Sasha are deputized as shadow hunters and tasked with an important mission: to stop and catch the Summer Shadow, and to reveal who is hiding inside the suit.


The Adlibris Award (Bestseller of the year) Sweden 2019
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  • “It is a real puzzle mystery, which I think is very fun.”

    Boktokig, Sweden

  • “Wow, what a book. The students are almost paralyzed when I read aloud. Everyone yelled nooo when it ended.”

    Kristins_klassrum, Sweden

  • “It is both an exciting and fun read when the search for the suit begins.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Perfect for children who want something just scary enough. Pumpkin hunting, candy, and shadow slime… /…/ It is exciting to look for clues and try to figure out who is hiding inside the suit.”

    Barnboksskogen, Sweden

  • “A little scary, sure, but on a good level. /…/ Grab someone by the hand and let yourself be frightened by scary Summer Shadow! Happy Halloween!”

    Lankilaser, Sweden

  • “You get served with pranks as well as a reading treat. /…/ An exciting and easy-to-read illustrated chapter book for the beginner reader, where pranks and shadow slime mix with pumpkin hunts and Halloween celebrations.”

    Agneta_norrgard, Sweden

  • The Summer Shadow and the Halloween Prank was a little thrilling (…), difficult to stop reading and we look forward to more books like this one.”

    Lyckhem_86, Sweden

Photo: Kajsa Göransson Tina Mackic
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