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Møt meg i paradis Scatter Her Ashes

Thorkild Aske #2

The haunted former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske reluctantly agrees to take on the job of consulting detective for Milla Lind, a renowned Norwegian crime fiction writer. Lind’s previous consultant, also a former policeman, was killed on the job as they were working on Lind’s latest novel, a story based on the real-life case of two girls mysteriously disappearing from an orphanage. It isn’t long till Aske begins to suspect that there’s more to the case, Milla Lind, and his predecessor’s death, than he first thought.

Scatter Her Ashes is the second novel about Thorkild Aske.

“I loved Heine Bakkeid’s first novel – I Will Miss You Tomorrow – and Scatter Her Ashes continues in the same creepy, atmospheric and darkly comic way.”
C.J. Tudor

“Wonderfully built story-world – atmospheric, dark, pleasantly twisted. A fast-moving midnight train from Oslo to the deepest fjords of the human mind.”
Antti Tuomainen

“[Scatter her Ashes] is so thrilling it’s hard to put down. The characters are believable and the text is electric. [Heine Bakkeid] has an excellent grasp on his prose; it’s both effective and literary. The plot impresses me greatly. And I’m not so easily impressed anymore.”
—Unni Lindell


Shortlisted for the Riverton Prize Norway 2019
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  • Scatter Her Ashes is the follow up novel that confirms Bakkeid as a distinct voice in Nordic noir and as a writer with staying power. /…/ Scatter Her Ashes has rich blend of ingredients to savour; humour, an edgy and unusual mystery, a superbly drawn portrait of the central character, a perfectly pitched setting and an original and intriguing storytelling style. /…/ There’s plenty of humour in the novel and it’s richly entertaining, but it’s also a dark psychological story. /…/ There’s plenty of clever plotting and I think this elevates Bakkeid into the ranks of the best Scandi-noir writers club. I would happily recommend Scatter Her Ashes to dedicated fans of dark noirish crime fiction, to fans of the psychological thriller, and, equally, to someone who wants to find out why Scandi-noir has such a big reputation. There’s an energy and inventiveness here that shows just how fresh, innovative and relevant the crime genre can be. /…/ The setting is beautifully and atmospherically realised. A powerful and exhilarating novel.”

    NB Magazine, UK

  • “The new Jo Nesbø /…/ Beautiful and dark entertainment. /…/ Remember the name Heine Bakkeid – his second crime novel is top quality Nordic noir. /…/ In this novel [Bakkeid] has included the best elements of his debut, eliminated the beginner’s blunders, and created a crime story that is extremely well executed and entertaining on several levels. This is the closest this literary critic has come to Jo Nesbø’s style and characters. The antihero Thorkild Aske evokes the same feelings we get for Nesbø’s Harry Hole as he fights against human decay and downfall. /…/ The plot is more complex and expertly concocted than in Bakkeid’s debut, and is all the more exciting for it. The plot and characters are so fascinating that it’s impossible to put the book down. /…/ Bakkeid’s prose is clean, thrilling and original, which is refreshing in a genre where it seems as if more and more authors put emphasis on action rather than style. /…/ Bakkeid has a sharp-eyed style and is in addition very funny. The cynical humor balances out the novel’s darkness and makes it a wonderful read. /…/ Bakkeid has crafted a character and a universe that has made him well deserving of a huge circle of readers.”


    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “Plenty of suspense, humor and energy. /…/ Thrilling and well-written and Bakkeid makes it all come together.”

    Dagbladet, Norway

  • “[Scatter Her Ashes] is well-written, and it makes you want to keep reading, quickly!”

    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

  • “Suspenseful, original crime fiction with a wonderful momentum and a protagonist who struggles with his issues – but does so with a twinkle in his eye. /…/ Bakkeid writes excellently, the character of Thorkild Aske especially comes across clearly. And he’s not just a tortured man, there’s also a whip-like wit to his lines, and he stumbles through the book with a subtle laconic humor that suits not only him, but the story itself. The novel is thrilling too, with a nice, even escalation of the suspense. The way in which [Bakkeid] tells the story works wonderfully also, the author knows how to switch between points of view in a seamless manner, and there’s an impetus in the book that’s far superior to most other crime novels’. /…/ A more than excellent crime novel […] definitely one of the best this year.”

    Adresseavisen, Norway

  • “A crime novel that throws down the gauntlet to the very, very best of them all. /…/ Just looking at the cover I’m already sucked into a world that can most definitely be categorized as Nordic noir. There’s plenty of melancholy, decadence, and a five-minutes-till-midnight atmosphere. Dark, yes, but not so much so that one’s mood isn’t kept up by an antihero full of gallows humor. /…/ Even if Thorkild Aske calls to mind Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole, Heine Bakkeid has succeeded in crafting a character with a genuine personality and identity that stands rock-steady on his own two legs. /…/ The author’s use of metaphors and linguistic tools elevate the crime genre to a higher level. /…/ Heine Bakkeid has delivered yet again, and I’m already looking forward to book number three.”


    Harstad Tidende, Norway

  • “Bakkeid is a new star on the domestic crime fiction sky. Thorkild Aske is one of the most complex and provoking investigators we’ve encountered in Norwegian crime until now. But he also has his good sides, of course. The reader is gradually immersed in his rather unique universe, and now we want more. The sooner the better.”


    Bok 365, Norway

  • “Atmospheric.”

    Crime Monthly, UK

  • “The first thing I noticed when reading Bakkeid’s work is how snappy, darkly funny and addictive it is. He has such a skill of sucking you in, shocking you and entertaining you all in one chapter. No wonder he’s being showered with rave reviews from authors and readers across the globe. I felt such a mixture of emotions for the character of Thorkild Aske, and that’s all down to his creator, who nails characters to a tee. /…/ Bakkeid is already big and his work is only going to get bigger and better.”

    The Daily Record, UK

  • “[Scatter Her Ashes] does not disappoint. /…/ Bakkeid sure knows how to write witty dialogue and humour that brings ease.”

    Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

  • “Another fantastic quality piece from Norway. /…/ If you’re not already familiar with Heine Bakkeid – it’s high time to make yourself acquainted. /…/ Bakkeid joins the very top tier of the genre.”

    Kotiliesi Magazine, Finland

  • “In Heine Bakkeid’s crime thriller Scatter Her Ashes you get your money’s worth in suspense, power plays between the genders, and some poignant over- and undertones that make putting down the book impossible.”


    Femina, Denmark

  • “Bakkeid’s second crime novel is, in similar fashion to his debut, an intense page-turner and nail-biter.”

    Hallandsposten, Sweden

  • “Protagonist Aske has got one entertained and concerned for his wellbeing in equal measure.”

    Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden

  • “This Norwegian noir has got it all. /…/ It’s a fast-paced tale that’s thrilling and intricate but also balanced with enigmatic and delicate elements.”

    DAST Magazine, Sweden

  • “An anti-hero who asks the right questions, an atmosphere heavy with secrets, a growing tension and a dose of irony makes this rendezvous that turns into a nightmare a decidedly unusual read.”

    Salut Bonjour TV, Canada

  • “A magnificent thriller that ought to give the countless fans of Stephen King a want for more.”

    VSD, France

  • “An atmosphere that gets under your skin, a caustic anti-hero, a palpable tension…Welcome to the world of the new giant of Norwegian thrillers. /…/ A Norwegian thriller cold as snow and sharp as ice. /…/ The first installment I Will Miss You Tomorrow was a favorite of mine, and here I once again found everything I liked so much about the first one. I love the character of Thorkild […] An intense psychological portrait that will make the hairs on your arms stand on end. /…/ The author’s talent truly shines through in his descriptions of milieu and ambiance, but also in his ability to make us feel them in an almost cinematic artistic quality.”

    L’atelier de Litote, France

  • “[Scatter her Ashes is] a fresh wind blowing in from the Scandinavian fjords. /…/ In his second novel, Heine Bakkeid impresses in the way he coaxes the reader into this tale. /…/ The fascination with this novel lies less in solving its riddle […] and more in [Bakkeid’s] portrayal of the psychology of these characters, all competing in sarcasm, cynicism and dark humour.”

    Trends Tendence, Belgium

  • “If I Will Miss You Tomorrow was a great thriller, Scatter Her Ashes is an excellent one. The narrative is perfectly constructed and the ending unexpected, even if a number of clues point the reader in the right direction. The characters […] are well-established and well-portrayed. /…/ When I read I Will Miss You Tomorrow, I knew Heine Bakkeid was an author to look out for and that his series would be of high quality. And that’s indeed the case. I eagerly await the third installment.”

    Evadez-Moi, France

  • “Bakkeid takes the detective genre to the next level. Scatter Her Ashes is not only a great detective narrative. This is a truly well-written literary work with a detective plot. This isn’t one of those books where you have everything pinned down 50 pages in. I truly hadn’t. Not at any point did I come close to unravelling the mystery, and the ending was just as much of a surprise to me as to [protagonist] Thorkild Aske. /…/ If you enjoy great detective novels that demand something of its readers rather than simply being an ordinary mystery plot, I strongly recommend Bakkeid’s books. He writes well, has a very vivid language and truly gets under the skin of his protagonists. This makes the characters stand out and infuses them with life, making me believe in them.”

    Culture vs News, France

  • “A mise en abyme in a genre that suits this new Norwegian author very well. Cold and creepy atmospheres guaranteed.”

    La Provence, France

Photo: Harriet M. Olsen Heine Bakkeid
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