Kusinen The Cousin

Forty-year-old Fanny has just separated from her partner and feels in some way relieved but is nevertheless without a place to live and in desperate need of a fresh start. At a family reunion, she meets her amiable and successful cousin Ulrika and her wealthy husband. When the couple invites Fanny to spend the summer with them, Fanny surprises herself by accepting.

The summer at the Onsala Peninsula looks promising with a lot of fun and social activities. But as the honeymoon-phase of their friendship turns into everyday trudges, the frictions come creeping. When a night out ends in desperate measures, Fanny soon finds herself caught in a triangle where she questions who Ulrika really is. What’s even worse: she starts questioning herself.

The Cousin is a dark, psychological thriller about trust, guilt, and self-deception. Klas Ekman skillfully depicts people in crucial moments of their lives and can masterfully describe the perception of ourselves in our own eyes as well as in others.

“Dark humor at its very best. Skillfully portrayed characters who find themselves in completely crazy situations at an escalating pace”
—Sofia Lundberg

“He possesses a Coen Brothers-esque sense in creeping around those who dig their own graves.”
—Andrev Walden


  • “An entertaining and spine-chilling relationship thriller”

    Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

  • “A dark and entertaining thriller.”

    Göteborgsposten, Sweden

  • “A novel with page-turning qualities, and with the kind of dark humor that Alfred Hitchcock would have embraced.”

    Bernur, Sweden

  • “Klas Ekman simply amplifies ordinary everyday relationships to dreadful proportions.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Klas Ekman writes how an American Noir author might have written if he were Swedish. Few Swedish authors write like this (…) The highest possible rating!”

    Deckarlogg, Sweden

Klas Ekman
  • Psychological Thriller
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