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In Sofi Oksanen’s The Dog Park, modern-day Helsinki intertwines with the past of Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence. The corruption of the East meets and feeds the greed of the West, and at this intersection stand two women. Their story of loyalty, love and broken trust play out against a backdrop of power struggles – between influential families, and between the sexes as the lifegiving ability of the female body becomes a lucrative commodity.

Oksanen moves between psychological thriller and the acutely human as she weaves a captivating narrative about a woman unable to escape the memory of her lost child, the powers that still hunt her, and the lies that saved her life. Sharply observant and a master of portraits, this time Oksanen turns her eye to the fertility business, illustrating the micro-realities of the international baby-making factories.


  • “Skillfully told fiction that will help the reader visualize a complex reality. Sofi Oksanen is a master.”

    Turun Sanomat, Finland

  • “Sofi Oksanen’s sixth novel The Dog Park is a stunning and furious depiction of the traumas and struggles of the survivors of the Soviet Union. /…/ Sofi Oksanen is a master writer who is not afraid to tackle difficult topics. ”

    Mesta, Finland

  • “In addition to a carefully thought-out plot, one of the book’s main qualities is Oksanen’s crystal clear prose. Reading a novel of this kind activates all of one’s senses.”


    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “Oksanen has a couple of immensely strong cards on hand when she succeeds: Her brushstrokes paint an image of life in the former Soviet Union states with such vividness that you can see it before your own eyes and smell the scents. /…/ Oksanen doles out bits of information and reveals lies along the way in a superb way, and just as perfectly, she lets the last chapter of the novel tremble with suspense.”

    NRK, Norway

  • “Sofi Oksanen returns to the top of the literary world with her latest novel, The Dog Park. /…/ A suspense novel that holds the reader in a tight grip until the very last page. /…/ Sofi Oksanen has a keen sense for how to portray time periods and atmospheres, and is able to describe the smell from a jar of pickles or a cheap bottle of perfume so that scent stings the reader’s nose. The depictions of family and work life in a society where corruption permeates every part of social life also make a strong impression. /…/ Sofi Oksanen depicts this society and especially how women become victims of cynicism and corruption with a poignantly clear gaze. But the novel also displays Sofi Oksanen’s ability as a sensitive chronicler and conveyor of the longing for love, and the wish of being able to live a completely ordinary and trivial family life. The Dog Park is a suspense novel with literary gravitas. /…/ Sofi Oksanen has penned one of her best novels.”

    Dagsavisen, Norway

  • “With precise cuts and shrewd devices, the poet attacks the lucrative industry associated with assisted fertilization. /…/ This is an advanced tendency novel that the legendary [Sofi Oksanen] (…) should be proud of.”


    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

  • “Oksanen has written a sharp, sociocritical novel. /…/ Passionate drama, murder and revenge make this a thriller-like novel with a high level of suspense.”


    Bergens Tidende, Norway

  • “Good art evokes thoughts and emotions, and so does Oksanen's books. The Dog Park is no exception.”

    Aamulehti, Finland

  • The Dog Park is one of the most breath-taking novels of the fall. /…/ when [Sofi Oksanen] succeeds, her readers are blessed with something larger than life. With [The Dog Park], [Oksanen] truly does triumph. [The Dog Park] is an incredible mixture of love, fear, violence, oppression, hopes, and disappointments.”


    Kainuun Sanomat, Finland

  • The Dog Park is a cool, stylish, utterly cleverly written novel that deals with issues that are both upsetting and in many ways divisive.”

    Savon Sanomat, Finland

  • “Sofi Oksanen knows how to leave you astounded.”

    Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

  • “Sofi Oksanen’s new novel The Dog Park is an elaborate and powerful depiction of the egg donation industry.”

    Me Naiset, Finland

  • “Oksanen perfectly masters both mood and metaphors, once again choosing a theme that gets under your skin, and executes the two-timelines storyline brilliantly. /…/ The egg donors of The Dog Park find their counterparts in the female slaves of The Handmaids Tale (1985) and The Testaments (2019) by Margaret Atwood.”

    Kaleva, Finland

  • The Dog Park is a high-quality novel that reads like a thriller.”

    Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, Finland

  • “Sofi Oksanen writes in a unique, voluble and strict manner, and the story is propelled forward with the ferocity of a thriller.”

    Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Finland

  • “If a reader wants to reach the very heart of art […] they must know […] Chuck Palahniuk, Michel Houellebecq, Michael Cunningham, Haruki Murakami, Federico Andahazi and Sofi Oksanen. These are the names of those who will leave a great void behind when they are done with writing. /…/ The very best of contemporary world literature.”

    Krajské listy, Czech Republic

  • “[The Dog Park] is written in a successful style: fast-paced [and] close-knit at the same time.”

    Respekt, Czech Republic

  • “One of my favorite, and at the same time most well-known Nordic authors, Sofi Oksanen […] has with the novel The Dog Park once again shown us what a masterful literary talent she possesses. Something she’s already proven with her previous works. /…/ The Dog Park is an excellent book. /…/ Timeless. And very topical.”

    Databazeknih, Czech Republic

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